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Artificial Intelligence Technology You Can Control From Anywhere

Innovative technology makes life easier, and we are entering a new phase of the technological era. It is nothing new that LG provides us with the opportunity to experience the most innovative technology at an elite rate.

To live up to its reputation, LG’s Air Conditioner has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) called AI ThinQ, which unlocks the ability to control the AC and more simply use it by speaking through voice.

It enables you to connect to Wifi and use it wisely. It is easy to control your AC even from outside your home. The AI ThinQ technology is one of the smartest technologies Provided by LG and Butterfly Group is the sole distributor for this product in Bangladesh.

What is LG AI ThinQ Technology?

The LG ThinQ is an Artificial Intelligence technology that allows air conditioners to analyze real-time changes occur in the room and according to that it optimizes the temperature. Overall, it is something you may love to experience.

AI ThinQ User Manual – How it Works

It is easy to use AI ThinQ technology to its fullest if you know how it works. You’ll have to do some setup to use this smart innovation. First of all, download the “LG ThinQ” app from the Google Play Store on your smartphone. It is free.

To proceed, you need to create an account next. Please note that you can use a preferred account for this purpose. When you’re finished, click Allow Device Location Access, and you’ll be sent back to the main page. There is a plus or add a sign to help you choose your Air Conditioner product unit.

It’s critical to make sure your air conditioner isn’t blocking your wireless signal. Once you hear a beep, release the fan button. The wi-fi icon will begin to blink and you’ll hear a buzzing sound. Tap next to continue on your mobile app and provide your Wi-Fi details.

Wait until the AC unit and the load are completed. Once the program has finished loading, you can use the power button to turn your air conditioner on or off. After setting up its hassle-free way to use Ai ThinQ wifi AC, you do not need to go through much to use it regularly.

One thing to keep in mind is that this software can be upgraded at any time, so be sure to check out the new functions when you install an update. On/off mode, cool mode, dry mode, temperature wheel, energy conservation mode, fan mode, and other options can be seen. You have the option of using “favorite mode”, which allows you to keep the modes and settings you most regularly use.

Smart Sensors of LG AI ThinQ Wi-fi AC

Learnability: It is capable of learning about the room and analyzing changes occurring both inside and outside of it in real-time so that it can give users the optimal temperature. It is also capable of learning about the preferred setting patterns of users and eventually adjusting the settings according to who is in the room.

Automated Modifications: Because ThinQ’s AI is built to watch and learn quickly, it would only take the device two days to thoroughly evaluate its surroundings and about four days to acquire enough data for it to make automatic adjustments through its Smart Care feature.

Smart Speaker: The new air conditioner can be connected to smart speakers because it is part of LG’s ThinQ-labeled products. Users can interact with LG’s new cooling system via this connection by simply speaking commands to Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, whichever is present on the user’s AI speaker.

Smart Moves

The air conditioner may be monitored and controlled at any time and from any location with LG AI ThinQ. Using a cell phone to start or stop cooling makes life a lot simpler.

Because you can monitor the status of your AC unit from anywhere with the LG ThinQ app, monitoring is a breeze. While out and about, just adjust the mode or temperature, when it is necessary from anywhere.

However, buying a new appliance in this age of cutting-edge technology is a smart move. The most recent updates not only provide you with cutting-edge smart sensors, but they also save you money on your electricity bills by running in an efficient mode.

Again, The LG Dual inverter Wi-Fi AC saves more than 70 percent of its energy and operates smoothly and efficiently ( With amazing innovative features and Artificial intelligence makes it one of the best home appliances you may want.

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