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Why Your Company Should Be Using Custom Packing Tape

Here are seven ways the use of custom packing tape can benefit your company.

Packing tape might be a simple roll of stationary and yet, it is extremely functional. To keep your cargo safe and sound during shipping and while in transit, packing tape is crucial. For example, it protects your products from contamination.

It’s not uncommon for packages to be damaged while loading and unloading from one place to another. These small tears can let in harmful contaminants, that is why using proper packing tape is very important for the integrity of your products.

Apart from its effectiveness in protecting your shipment, it can also help improve your branding and cut down on losses. Now, how can a simple roll of tape have so many benefits? Well, the answer is in the rise in popularity of custom printed tape.

Invest in Custom Printed Tape To Boost Your Business

In the past couple of years, more businesses or companies have come to understand the importance of customized tapes. The smallest of details contribute to painting a bigger and better picture – although custom tapes are quite ordinary, they still add up to produce great outcomes.

So why should you invest in custom printed tape?

Affordable Marketing

Brand owners spend an ample amount of money trying to better promote themselves. However, all this investment does not always lead to the desired outcomes. What if there was an easier and inexpensive way to get your brand to reach more people?

Luckily, there is. You may have already guessed it – the secret lies in the use of custom packing tape.

Firstly, people will be looking at your logo a lot; provided you supply them with excellent services and pristine products, they are more likely to reach out to your brand if they need your services in the future.

Secondly, it raises awareness of your brand’s mission and vision. People in the business world are less likely to put their faith in brands after availing of their services for the first time. They are, however, more likely to research your brand and try to get a better understanding of what you have to offer to your customers (after a positive experience).

If your message is compelling enough, they might just get in contact with you a second time to place an order – all of that exposure, just from the use of customized tapes!

Helps Identify Signs of Theft

Incidences of shipment thefts are truly unfortunate and embarrassing. Not only do you have to answer to the clients, but have to bear the losses of the situation as well. Sometimes, the culprits cannot be traced easily – as you wouldn’t have a clue of where the theft occurred in the first place, so you do not even know where to start. This is where custom printed tape comes to help.

Aside from your company’s staff, no one would have access to these tapes. Most of the time, thefts either occur in transit or your warehouse. For example, if some packages were tampered with, but are still within your reach, you will be able to check for theft before sending out the packaging.

If it is in transit, then there’s a chance that the opened boxes would be resealed, but the same tape cannot be used twice, so the thieves might attempt to reseal it with regular tape. If there is any complaint from the recipient, you can simply ask if your tape was still on the packaging. In case your client informs you the tape is different, then it’s a clear indicator that the tampering was done during transit. You will also be able to take action against the transit company or people involved.

Helps With Package Recognition

A company is likely to receive shipments from different suppliers within a day. Sometimes, identifying packages can become difficult, especially when there are a lot of packages to handle. Everything is likely to be in a rush, and employees might not even look for labels.

An easy way for them to recognize your shipment is simply to look at the packing tape on the boxes. It’s better than using tags or labels, as they won’t be ripped off at any given point.

Makes Your Products Stand Out

There are many methods used by businesses to differentiate their products from those of their competitors. An easy way to do that is to play up your packaging. It wouldn’t be very practical to use colorful boxes or have something printed on your boxes, as that would cost you extra money.

An economical and efficient way to upgrade your packaging is to use customized tape. It is relatively more affordable to invest in designing nice tapes than to design boxes. Save money and resources – it’s best for your company and the environment.

Improves The Overall Image of Your Brand

Most customers like to see the effort in both your products and your packaging. As a customer myself, I find it very pleasing whenever a company puts effort into making good packaging and adding extra elements such as using tapes that were customized to represent the brand.

It’s an easy way to convey to your customer how dedicated you are to your business. Therefore, it contributes to creating a positive impression of your brand.

Provide Product Specific Instructions

If you thought that tape customization was only limited to having your company name and logo printed, then you are wrong. Provided that it’s needed, you can have certain instructions printed onto the tapes.

This way, the customers will know how to better handle the product within your packages upon receiving them. Furthermore, you’re saving some resources here as well; you won’t be needing to include an instruction manual inside the box so that saves both paper and money.

In Conclusion

Custom printed tape is more versatile than you think; printing your company logo and product-specific instructions are great. You can take it up a notch by customizing the quality of the tape according to the kind of products that will be packaged.

Need an extra resilient package for sensitive cargo? Why not commission your tape-makers to produce tapes of higher grades? This won’t cost you much, but it’s certainly worth the cost.

Surely by now, you have come to realize the importance of using custom tapes. If you want to give your brand that well-deserved traction, then customize your packing tapes today.

Main image by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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