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6 Ways Restaurant Technology is Automating and Optimizing Operations

With the increase in competition and advancement in restaurant technology, businesses have to automate their operations to meet the ever-changing customer demands.

Restaurant technology speeds up processes, optimizes operations, increases customer satisfaction, and provides a cost-effective way to run the organization.

Read on for six ways restaurant technology is automating and optimizing operations.

1. Online ordering

Today, customers do not have to wait in line in their favorite restaurant to order their food. With a reliable management system for kitchens platform, customers can place their orders in the comfort of their homes.

Once customers place their online ordering, they can pick up or have their orders delivered based on their convenience.

Online ordering reduces the risk of mixing or missing orders through telephonic placement, especially when the telephone line is busy.

It also saves the customers the hassle of explaining their orders since online platforms are easy to use.

2. Automatic billing

One of the leading ways restaurants are improving customer services and reducing delays is by adopting automatic billing. The POS software automatically generates a bill based on the Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) when a customer places an order.

This eliminates the risk of mixing up orders and invoices. Some POS systems provide a splitting the bill feature, allowing customers to only pay for their charges.

3. Employee scheduling

Scheduling can be exhausting and time-consuming, especially when dealing with a large number of employees. It is challenging to reach personnel through emails and phone calls, especially on urgent notifications such as event updates and shift moves.

For this reason, restaurants have adapted automatic messaging apps and systems that allow managers to reach their staff efficiently. These apps also allow employees to swap shifts, request vacation days, search for substitutes, and schedule tasks.

4. Loyalty programs

Acquiring new customers is crucial for every business organization. However, the cost of attracting and obtaining a new customer is significantly higher than that of retaining the existing ones.

Your loyal customers can refer new clients to your restaurant, not to mention that they often tend to spend more, necessitating the need for loyalty programs.

Through the help of the POS software, you can run an effective loyalty program based on your customer database. This means that each time customers order, points are automatically added to their profile.

5. Online payment

Restaurants have adopted the online payment service to speed up the bill settlement process, thus automating their operations. With online payment, customers do not need to rush to the nearest ATM to settle a bill or even avoid ordering altogether due to the lack of cash at hand.

A customer can simply pay restaurant bills via e-wallet, mobile phone, and google play, to mention a few.

6. Customer relationship management

Customer Relation Management (CRM) tools are essential in boosting client engagement. You can create customized offer and discount campaigns through a reliable CRM database based on your customer’s purchasing habits.

The CRM tools also allow you to send personalized newsletters, emails, menu additions, and events to your customers, thus improving customer engagement and retention.


Restaurant technology provides an effective way to streamline operations and stay ahead of the competition. Which of the above restaurant technologies are you using at your restaurant?

Main image: Nick Hillier on Unsplash

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