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Webinar: Vision Systems with Collaborative Robots

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TM Robot vision embedded robot system is easier to program than you think.

In this webinar, attendees will learn about how a built-in camera could benefit manufacturers deploying cobots in multiple production workstations, together with the highly integrated TM Software platform and Safety features to realize true collaborative applications.

Topics covered include:

  • Simple: The Easiness of the programming system TM Flow
  • Smart: The Benefit of the built in Vision
  • Safe: The Demonstration of the safety of TM Robot

Key takeaways:

  1. With the TM Landmark, you can move your robot or your workpieces without having to worry about re-teaching all your robot’s position points.
  2. The TM Vision is a mature and reliable system equipped with a set of specialized vision tasks you can use on your different applications.
  3. The flow-based human machine interface will allow you to program your robot in seconds without having any coding skill.
  4. The Safety is vital of the implementation of Cobot, TM Robot has several features to guarantee a safe working atmosphere near human workers.

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