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Flinkster relies on MOQO for the future

Deutsche Bahn has been operating its own car sharing services for 20 years and currently offers the largest car sharing network in Germany. The service has grown to include 4,500 vehicles that can be booked in more than 400 cities and municipalities.

In order to initiate faster growth and new innovations, Deutsche Bahn will rely on MOQO as its carsharing software in the future with its car sharing service Flinkster. Plans for the technical move next year are already in place.

A comprehensive network with regional providers

As a support for local public transport, sharing offers added value with an increase in flexibility for passengers. Deutsche Bahn was quick to recognize the potential of this form of connecting mobility and launched its first car sharing service in Berlin 20 years ago.

Flinkster now also provides vehicles outside of urban areas and into rural areas, which make an important contribution to the traffic turnaround.

The network consists largely of regionally active partners who give Flinkster a total fleet strength of 4,500 vehicles. Flinkster enables new partners an uncomplicated and quick entry into the Flinkster network in order to operate profitable services in predominantly stationary offers of cars and vans.

The demand for mobility can be met by car sharing with relatively few vehicles. This helps to reduce congestion, parking pressure and particulate pollution in cities.

Jürgen Gudd, chairman of the management board of Deutsche Bahn Connect, says: “When we launched carsharing, smartphones were still a thing of the future. Today, this service is more important than ever, because the mobility revolution will only succeed if we enable people to get by without their own car. With car sharing, we are making public transport more flexible. We will consistently expand this offering with existing partners and by connecting additional partners.”

MOQO becomes software partner

With over 150 sharing providers in 15 countries on 3 continents and 12 years of experience in the shared mobility sector, MOQO has the right technical prerequisites. The providers include small regional providers as well as nationwide market leaders with large vehicle fleets.

The platform is designed in such a way that a wide variety of business models can be easily set up by configuring the modules accordingly. Carsharing, bike sharing and scooter sharing can be made available to different user groups at the same time via different access points in order to make the vehicles available for multiple uses.

The ideal conditions for the Flinkster operation with various regional providers ultimately convinced in the tender and laid the foundation for replacing the current inventory system. Next year, customers will be able to benefit from intuitive operation and faster processes in the app and on the website.

Michael Minis, CEO MOQO, says: The partnership with Flinkster is a milestone for our team and our platform. As a mobility startup we can already serve 150 shared mobility providers, with Flinkster this network grows by one of the strongest and most important partners in the German car sharing market.”

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