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Perrone Robotics selects Ouster as ‘preferred lidar supplier’ for autonomous vehicles

Perrone Robotics has selected Ouster as its preferred lidar supplier to scale the company’s autonomous vehicle implementations.

Under the agreement, Ouster is to deliver hundreds of OS digital lidar sensors for Perrone’s autonomous vehicle kit.

Ouster is a specialist provider of high-resolution digital lidar sensors describes the partnership as a “strategic customer agreement” with Perrone Robotics.

Perrone is startup provider of fully autonomous vehicle technology for the mobility of people and things. The agreement includes a binding commitment for hundreds of sensors through 2023.

Perrone has selected Ouster as a preferred lidar supplier to scale its delivery of integrated autonomous vehicle kits to original equipment manufacturers and end-customers.

Ouster’s OS sensors will be integrated into a configuration of Perrone’s TONY AV retrofit kit, a patented vehicle and hardware agnostic platform that can be embedded into many vehicle types for transit and transportation applications.

Perrone intends to use the Ouster configuration for a wide range of vehicles including the Local Motors Olli shuttle, GreenPower Motor Company AV Star, low speed electric passenger and utility vehicles, and a line of yard trucks for logistics.

Paul Perrone, CEO of Perrone Robotics, says: “Perrone aims to deploy its kit at fleet-scale for shuttles, low-speed electric vehicles, cargo vans, and large logistics trucks for municipal, governmental, and commercial customers in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

“We needed a lidar partner that could meet demand as we scale production models with our TONY AV retrofit kit. Ouster stood out for its performance characteristics, top notch support team, and the ability to scale for fleet-level AV deployments.

“We’re excited to partner with Ouster to deploy autonomous vehicle technology that we expect will increase operational efficiency, enhance safety, and improve accessibility for end-users.”

Angus Pacala, Ouster CEO, says: “Ouster’s sensors have been designed to meet a range of performance requirements, making them adaptable to a variety of AV platforms. We expect our digital lidar to power hundreds of autonomous vehicles operating in commercial and municipal zones across the U.S. and internationally through our agreement with Perrone.

“Ouster is a leading lidar supplier to the automotive industry today, and we are thrilled to partner with Perrone to meet customer demand for its AV platform over the coming years.”

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