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Kiwibot launches robotic delivery service on Loyola university campus

Kiwibot has launched its robotic delivery service at Loyola Marymount University campus, in partnership with LMU Dining.

And until November 14, new Sodexo Bite app subscribers can take advantage of free food delivery fee at two on-campus locations.

If you haven’t seen the newest four-wheeled residents on campus at Loyola Marymount University yet, chances are you will soon if you are on the campus.

Loyola Marymount University, LMU Dining and Kiwibot have partnered to deliver hot, fresh meals anywhere on campus via nearly a dozen zero-emission robots. Since launching a trial run in September, more than 500 deliveries have been completed across campus.

Through the Sodexo Bite U app, Loyola Marymount students, faculty and visitors can order from two Sodexo-serviced campus locations, including Qdoba and Iggy’s Café using their meal plan dollars. The program will expand to additional locations in Spring 2022.

Andrew O’Reilly, senior director of auxiliary and business services at Loyola Marymount University, says: “We’re always looking for fun, innovative and eco-friendly food service programs to add to the LMU dining experience, and this partnership with Sodexo and Kiwibot is a perfect example of that.

“In addition, the Kiwibot experience is a fun and useful convenience for everyone to take advantage of. It will never be used to eliminate jobs or reduce labor needs within our dining facilities. In fact, the more successful the program, the more people we can hire to support the robots.”

Anca Reyes CDM, CFPP, resident district manager for LMU Dining by Sodexo, says: “Our partnership with Kiwibot offers another safe, convenient option for users to get what they want, when they want it.

“We look forward to expanding it to many more locations in the coming months.”

Kiwibot robots deliver fresh food via locked compartments that only the recipient can open through the Kiwibot app. Each robot is thoroughly sanitized between deliveries, and average deliveries will arrive in 20 to 35 minutes, depending on distance and peak meal delivery times. Each delivery will cost $2, plus 10 percent of the order size.

Now through November 14, all new users of Sodexo’s Bite U app will receive free delivery on their first purchase. Kiwibot deliveries can only be ordered via the Bite U app, and Kiwibot delivery hours are dependent upon regular Sodexo location business hours.

Based in Los Angeles, Kiwibot currently operates at more than seven locations around the world, including: campuses and cities in California, Florida, Pittsburgh and Michigan.

David Rodriguez, director of strategy and business operations at Kiwibot, said the company launched in 2017 in Berkeley, Calif. and started expanding in the US last year.

Kiwibot’s popularity grew as the Covid-19 pandemic created a demand for delivery services. Kiwibot was also used to deliver supplies to multiple food banks in several locations across the country.

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