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Benetton set to invest an automation solution at its facilities in Italy

The leading fashion chain, Benetton is about to invest in a new automation solution to add efficiency and flexibility to the group’s operations at its logistics facilities in Villorba, Italy.

The solution comes from Dematic and features an AutoStore system that will improve the company’s e-commerce sales by optimizing its storage facilities and processing of orders.

According to the tech portal cercoTECH, the revamp will be entirely managed by Dematic software with the AutoStore system responsible for thousands of storage units and 53 mobile robots that will pick up orders from the bins.

The robots will then transport the requested items to pick-up stations where they will be grouped and processed.

The program’s rollout has been scheduled for the end of 2022 and is expected to streamline Benetton’s operations, improving picking times and reducing the company’s need for warehouse space.

“We chose Dematic because we were interested in a partner with significant experience in the e-commerce sector and a solid international background,” said Valentino Soldan, head of logistics at Benetton Group.

“We are convinced their AutoStore-based solution will meet our business needs perfectly, and we are confident in facing an increasingly challenging market with a structured and technologically advanced solution, capable of accompanying our development for many years to come.”

The project comes on the heels of Benetton’s Green B project, which the group launched earlier this year. The endeavor encompasses all of Benetton’s sustainability initiatives and is represented by a logo of a bee in the company’s iconic green knit.

Benetton has commented that it is committed to energy efficiency, waste management, and occupational health and safety for its workers.

The Benetton Group is behind world-famous brands such as United Colors of Benetton and Sisley, and a network of more than 4,000 stores across the globe.

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