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Tompkins Robotics says its automation is delivering ‘big benefits’ for Kmart Australia

Tompkins Robotics, a provider of robotic automation for distribution operations, says it is delivering “big benefits” to Kmart Australia.

Kmart Australia, which owns more than 300 stores in Australia and New Zealand, selected Tompkins Robotics’ tSort automation solution to optimize its Auckland fulfillment operations.

Implemented in less than five months, Tompkins Robotics’ tSort System immediately improved the scalability of Kmart’s distributed logistics network, requiring a lower investment and utilizing 60 percent less operational space.

Justin Boyd, Kmart head of assets, DC Design and Automation, says: “The initial challenge was finding a cost-effective solution that improved safety and increased output in our facility to support our growing store network and volume.

“Tompkins Robotics’ tSort system offered an optimally aligned solution that we were able to deploy rapidly to sustain our evolving distribution network.”

Tompkins says its “award-winning AMR solution”, tSort, provides “a wealth of benefits” for retail replenishment, including:

  • Rapid deployment: This allows for faster installation between peak seasons for minimal disruption to Kmart’s operations
  • Low capital investment: The tSort solutions cost approximately half the cost of large tilt tray or crossbelt sorters and additional robots
  • Scalable and portable: All elements and robots can be easily added, removed or relocated at any time to meet changing demands

Wide range of capabilities & applications: Kmart has a wide range of products and varying packaging. tSort processes a wide variety of products and packages in many different environments and applications

Thompson Brockmann, VP operations, Tompkins Robotics, says: “The Tompkins Robotics and Kmart teams came together to apply this exciting technology for a set of requirements and challenges that would have been difficult to meet with traditional automated solutions.

“Implementing tSort to redefine item and case sortation provided Kmart with a 100 percent modular, scalable, configurable and portable robotic solution to process goods to orders.”

Tompkins Robotics’ tSort solution was installed, tested and commissioned utilizing mostly remote resources while in the midst of the pandemic, and has successfully supported the operation since its go-live in May 2021.

Supporting the reduction in manual handling activities on site, the solution increased production to meet Kmart’s store growth and volume and improved inventory accuracy.

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