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Einride and GE Appliances to launch ‘first US fleet of autonomous and electric trucks’

Swedish freight technology company Einride and GE Appliances are partnering for the implementation of electric and autonomous transport at scale.

The companies say this will be the first time in history an autonomous and electric truck is live and operating on US soil.

The partnership will represent Einride’s first installation with its renowned Pods in the US, which will operate on GE Appliances’ 750-acre Appliance Park campus in Louisville, Kentucky.

The new fleet serves as a model for the US transportation ecosystem by elevating the work environment and reducing emissions, say the companies.

Bill Good, vice president of manufacturing at GE Appliances, says: “At GE Appliances, we believe in always finding a better way and striving to be on the forefront of innovation.

“Sustainability and cost-efficiency is a prerequisite for implementing innovation into our business strategy. The partnership and technology investment with Einride is allowing us to deploy safer, more sustainable, and cost-effective solutions for the movement and transportation of material.”

At launch, Einride will implement electric transportation solutions at three of GEA’s locations in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia.

As a result of this partnership, GEA is expected to save 970 tons of CO2 emissions within the first year, playing a key role in its global commitment to reduce its environmental footprint by utilizing a state-of-the-art supply chain.

Robert Falck, CEO at Einride, says: “This marks an important milestone for the freight industry in the US, as it’s the first time an autonomous, electric, and remote-operated pod system is being installed on the scale in North America.

“The system will allow GEA to reduce its environmental footprint and reap the benefits of Einride’s world-leading technology.”

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