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Geek+ launches 8 metre tall robot for logistics – ‘tallest robot in the industry’

Geek+, an autonomous mobile robot manufacturer, has launched RoboShuttle RS8-DA, an 8-meter high flexible arm robot. The company claims the new robot is the “highest in the industry” and will enable customers to maximize the use of their warehouses.

RoboShuttle is a safe, efficient, and flexible high-density solution that solves the complex logistics scenarios brought on by the rise in e-commerce and the need for systems that can optimize precious warehouse space intelligently.

Compatible with 8-meter-high racks, and totes, cartons, or boxes of varying width, the robot can improve space utilization by 5x.

Liu Kai, co-founder and VP of smart warehouse products at Geek+ says: “With e-commerce and warehouse rental spikes, businesses need a flexibility and space utilization that traditional automation does not provide. Our engineering teams are continuously developing innovative solutions to meet this demand and allow our clients to remain competitive while providing a safe working environment to their employees.”

Built on a slim and robust chassis design, flexible doorframe, and double deep telescopic fork arms, the robot can navigate narrow aisles and reach a maximum height of 8,145 mm.

Using its fork arms, the robot can access the inventory rows of varying depth placed as low as 285 mm and as high as 7,820 mm, targeting horizontal as well as vertical warehouse space.

Equipped with an intelligent depth camera and high precision sensors, the robot can adjust its arms to pick boxes of varying sizes, optimizing overall shelf space.

The storage location can also be allocated according to the size of the box, improving inventory organization.

Connected to the WMS and driven by intelligent algorithms, the robot autonomously transfers up to 8 totes to and from the workstation, automating picking, replenishment, reverse logistics, and inventory checking processes.

Liu Kai adds: “As a long-term automation partner with strong R&D capabilities, we see it as our responsibility to facilitate various transitions that a business might be facing using flexible robotics. Our AMR solutions are uniquely tailored to meet industry-specific challenges that logistics operators are facing today.”

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