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Innovative high-tech furniture designs

In the early seventies, a departure from classical directions, standard forms in favor of something fantastic, original began.

This is how we describe the modern high-tech style, which is laconic and multifunctional in nature. Interior items related to this style direction are characterized by several essential features.

First of all, they are extremely practical, do not contain any decor or unnecessary parts. In other words, such furniture is the result of a combination of design and function.

If this resonates with your inner critic, then take a look at such items from NY Furniture Outlets. And it is these two components that determine the appearance of high-tech products.

Secondly, it should be noted the desire of the creators of such furnishings to make their creations as useful as possible. Ideally, combine several functions in one thing.

That is why interiors of this style often contain transformable elements. Bed with a fold-down mattress, under which there are storage boxes. A folding sofa that has firmly entered our life.

And finally, hi-tech, as the style of the future, dictates the need to apply the latest technological solutions.

This is evident in the use of modern materials such as plastic, metal and glass. And, of course, it is realized through integration with modern electronic innovations.

The basics

The artificial direction combines several styles, or rather their characteristic elements. These are particles of minimalism, the embodiment of cubism and constructivism. The very design in this style is drawn to technology, futurism and urbanism are not alien to him.

Separately and especially carefully, it is worth approaching the choice of high-tech furniture. It must have such qualities as multi-functionality, irregular geometric shape and laconicism. High-tech upholstered luxury furniture has the main task – convenience. It does not need to decorate the interior.

Also, a characteristic feature of modern high-tech furniture is the lack of decorativeness, ornaments, different combinations of shades. But built-in appliances and lighting are common.

The materials that are used to create furniture are synthetics, even metal, or plastic, glass material. Wood is rarely used for such purposes. Chrome and glossy details can be seen in high-tech furniture.

This choice is due to the love for bright, built-in light and the effect that it creates.

Synthesis of function and construction: the interiors of a science fiction film

At first glance, the outlines of furniture on a widescreen may seem unusual, strange, too pretentious. Most likely, this was exactly the idea of the filmmakers, who wanted to show the audience the bizarre world of the future.

The same feeling often arises when you look at a photo of high-tech furniture. However, in the latter case, the unusual configuration is usually dictated by quite rational reasons.

For example, the shape of a regular high-tech chair matches the body outline of a seated person.

Moreover, it is made in such a way as to minimize the consumption of the material from which this chair is made.

Thus, furniture of this architectural and artistic direction, as a rule, visually seems light and delicate.

Of course, the latter is not always possible. Some furnishings remain massive in any style.

For example, a bed or a sofa. High-tech upholstered furniture gives simplicity of outline and geometry, but even he is not able to make it visually light.

Although thanks to the use of backlighting, minimizing the support area of furnishings, this style sometimes achieves an interesting effect of massive volumes floating in the air.

Miracles of transformation

If you find it attractive to turn the reality around you into a semblance of a large construction set, then hi-tech is perfect for you. Pieces of furniture of this style very often represent complementary fragments, if desired, compactly folded into a single whole.

The folding bed can be easily fixed in an upright position, no different from the adjacent wall panels, which are cabinet doors.

A small coffee table folds out into a full dining table with a few simple movements. The large sofa is taken apart and turns out to be a whole group of ottomans and armchairs.

An interesting product of high-tech is modular furniture. It is a kind of general body or niche filled with interchangeable elements. These can be compartments with shelves, space for clothes on a hanger, boxes for papers, and so on.

Depending on your needs. Despite the fact that modular high-tech furniture seems to be not the embodiment of elegance, sophistication, it is wrong.

If you are decorating a living room, then it will turn out in the end result laconic and light, on the whole quite stylish. All because of the shape that the furniture has. It can be a round sofa, or the triangular legs of a highchair.

What is incredible at first glance, harmonizes perfectly in this style. Such unusual furniture has found its application in this particular style direction.

All modern innovations are present in this style, for example, opening the cabinet doors, folding the sofa via remote control.

At the moment, such furniture is often made for the hallway. The possibility of compactly connecting into a single unit compartments for shoes, jackets or hats proved to be so in demand for this type of room that the idea migrated from high-tech to other styles.

Now, without much effort, you can find a modular cabinet displaying, for example, the artistic techniques of Art Deco, Baroque, Classicism.

Modern technologies

Within the framework of this stylistic trend, the latest developments are introduced into reality. It uses modern synthetic materials, such as different types of plastic.

Technical innovations are also immediately applied – this is especially noticeable in the development of high-tech kitchen furniture. It organically includes new appliances for cooking, washing dishes, storing food.

And all these things do not look like foreign objects. On the contrary, they fit naturally into the plane of kitchen shelves, merging with them.

Another example of technology orientation is the use of the “smart home” system or its elements in such interiors.

When the light, temperature, humidity in your home are monitored remotely, for example, using your smartphone. And the apartment, obeying the voice commands of the owner, has also ceased to be a fantasy.

Simplicity as a means of artistic expression

As noted above, hi-tech is characterized by laconic form, clear lines. But nothing has yet been said about the interior of this style in different zones.

Usually, a bedroom carries an atmosphere of home coziness, comfortable conditions. Most often we use large comfortable furniture for such purposes, a wardrobe – a compartment, large and roomy, a chest of drawers, – to decorate this whole composition with many bright, stylish accessories.

The modern style completely changes the idea of tradition. The main emphasis in such an interior is not on the bed, although it is located in the middle of the room. The spirit of minimalism is felt here, because restraint, brevity, the correctness of forms are welcomed.

You can also find a bed, or a sofa that is built into the wall next to it. Thanks to this approach, it can be folded, save space, and not clutter up the space. In such a bedroom, you will not find the usual large wardrobes; there are no shelves either.

Shelves, stands made of glass and metal materials are used against these structures. This design feature helps to create an unusual and spacious room.

If we talk about the living room, then you can see that in some way it resembles the atmosphere of an office. White high-tech furniture is used for this purpose.

It embodies conciseness, versatility. Sofas, an armchair take a basic place in the middle. Such elements are characterized by chrome plating, the use of steel parts.

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