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How to avoid car accidents 101

You’re leaving your house, cruising around, and getting some wind in your face. The road before you is open, so you press on the gas pedal, and off you go!

But you forgot that there are crossroads and a car can drive as fast as you and collide any minute.

You are so immersed in your bliss that you ignore the main principle of road safety: don’t drive fast!

While it’s normal to act impulsively sometimes, you should be rather safe than sorry when it comes to driving.

So before going all “fast and furious” on the road, pay attention to these tips to avoid getting into a dangerous car accident.

1. Open your eyes and look everywhere
You might be wondering, is it possible to keep your mind aware 24/7 to the point of becoming severely anxious?

Yes, it’s possible.

You just have to adopt the following practices and make them a habit. You’ll feel that they’re part of the natural process of driving.

So once you get far enough from your home, be aware of blind spots: rearview mirror, behind windshield pillars, and highway road signs.

Moreover, when you reach an intersection, look both ways when crossing since cars can pop up from anywhere.

2. Be careful of red light runners
Just because you’re following road rules doesn’t mean everyone else is. That’s why it’s crucial to exercise caution when you’re at an intersection.

When the red light turns green, don’t press on your gas pedal hastily. Wait for a few seconds and then proceed to drive. There might be red-light runners from other directions.

Also, be extra cautious when driving next to an 18-wheeler. Since truck drivers have a blind spot, make sure the truck driver sees you from their right mirror view when you try to pass them.

3. Watch for children
If you’re driving in a residential neighborhood, don’t drive fast because there are fewer cars.

Remember, there might be kids playing outside with their friends who might quickly run off to the road when playing basketball.

Furthermore, residential critters like raccoons can rapidly dash and cross the road, so keep your eyes open and drive slowly.

4. Check your engines
Doing proper check-ups before getting on the road is essential.

Your car might overheat and stop suddenly, especially during summer. That’s why checking if your engine has enough water is crucial to prevent any sudden accidents during driving.

Moreover, making sure all your tires are inflated and changing your oil regularly should be at the top of your list.

Even if you’re checking everything, your car might show signs of rust or need repair. When you think your vehicle might need a full maintenance check, it’s best to get your vehicle for an auto repair in Bellevue to ensure that all engines are working to full power.

5. Keep your hands on the steering wheel
It might be tempting to keep both hands off when you’re in traffic, but you never know what you can come across on the road.

Don’t get distracted by eating snacks or by singing Bohemian Rhapsody. Make sure to keep at least one hand on the steering wheel for safety reasons.

A giant pothole or a blown tire can send your vehicle in another direction and hit another car.

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