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Geek+ and FDL implement robotic e-commerce operations for Athinaiki

Geek+, a manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots, has installed smart sorting robots in the warehouse of Athinaiki, a logistics and transport service provider specializing in last-mile delivery in Greece.

The solution was implemented in partnership with FDL Group, a leading integrator for supply chain solutions and the exclusive distributor of Geek+ AMR solutions in Greece and Cyprus. It marks the company’s second project in the region.

Jackson Zhang, VP of Geek+ Europe, says: “We are very excited to see our sorting robots provide Athinaiki with the speed and accuracy needed for excellent last-mile delivery services. With Geek+ and FDL, intelligent automation is easily accessible to Greek companies.”

Vassilis Karakoulakis, chairman of FDL GROUP, says: “We see it as our responsibility to explore new technologies that can help streamline supply chain operations and work together with local pioneers like Athinaiki to facilitate the transition from physical stores to e-commerce.

“Geek+ flexible sorting robots provide us with an efficient tool that widens our reach, allowing us to help SMEs and big brands alike meet customer expectations for accurate and efficient services to compete and grow.”

Set in a 562 sq m warehouse, 29 sorting robots currently support warehouse employees by handling sorting of 1,400 to 1,500 parcels an hour.

Today, employees will put ordered goods onto sorting robots that will automatically transfer them to one of the 104 sorting cages bound for different destinations following a simple chutes layout made up of QR codes.

With no need for wires or fixed infrastructure, companies can flexibly scale operations should there be a sudden change in throughput demand by simply adjusting the number of robots and sorting destinations.

The solution can be immediately set up into existing facilities, saving considerable infrastructure costs, leading to fast return on investment.

Controlled by Geek’s RMS (robot management system) and powered by algorithms, the solution monitors robot traffic and balances the task of each robot to achieve maximum sorting efficiency, allowing “three times more productivity and 99.99 percent sorting accuracy”.

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