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RC Mowers exceeds sales projections for its robotic mowers

RC Mowers, makers of remote-operated robotic mowers, believes there is nothing like seeing its mowers in-person and in-action to convince prospects they need one.

The sales team has been traveling on an extensive “Great American Road Show” all over the US to meet commercial landscapers, public works departments, city, county, state and federal park systems, and city, county and state road departments.

The response and related sales of RC Mowers remote-operated robotic mowers, which are for mowing steep slopes, difficult terrain and other hazardous landscapes, has been “tremendous”, says the company. The commercial mower market is estimated to be a $4 billion industry.

With its large red and black truck of demonstration mowers, some mowers more than six feet wide and weighing almost a ton, RC Mowers has visited more than 30 cities so far in 2021, from Houston, Texas, to Harrisburg, Virginia, and Cincinnati, Ohio.

The company will be traveling to at least 10 more cities before the end of the year, including the west coast cities of Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

A typical event on the road show includes demonstrations of its tracked mowers on steep slopes of up to 50 degrees, along a retention ponds, cutting 2-inch brush, on wet and muddy land, and more.

With RC Mowers remote-operated robotic mowers, operators no longer need to worry about twisting ankles on steep slopes, sliding into ponds, encountering dangerous rodents or snakes, or having heavy branches ricochet into their face.

Including RC Mowers remote-operated robotic mowers as part of their equipment line-up can help commercial landscapers/mowers minimize safety liabilities, add high-value services, reduce labor costs and increase profitability.

Tim Kubista, VP of sales and marketing for RC Mowers, says: “We have thoroughly enjoyed talking with the thousands of people we have met on the road trip, both learning more about their needs and sharing how our remote-operated robotic mowers can enhance their businesses and organizations.

“We are extremely pleased by their positive reaction to our mowers and the sales we have earned. Side by side with our vast US dealer network, we look forward to working with these new customers mowing forward.”

RC Mowers offers three tracked mowers and helps companies find and deploy the model that best meets their applications. With a sleek, simple and safety-forward design, all of the mowers are designed for precision and ease.

The mowers work in sun, rain and snow, as well as in wet and muddy conditions. A rugged and water-resistant commercial-grade remote control is included with each robotic mower and most operators can learn how to use it within minutes.

RC Mowers was founded on the idea of mowing steep slopes safely. As a result, its remote-operated robotic mowers are designed with several integrated safety features and are tested regularly. The mowers comply with, or exceed, ISO and ANSI standards.

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