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Hobot Technology unveils new window-cleaning robot

Hobot Technology has officially launched its new window-cleaning robot, the Hobot-2S. The US launch date is scheduled for October 1, 2021.

Hobot says its window cleaning robots “have been recognized as the world’s standard in robotic technology”, adding that it’s the “most trusted brand of US consumers” due to quality, reliability, and customer support.

The features of thew new robot include:

  • Dual Ultrasonic Spray – Hobot-2S sprays in three directions: left, right and down when cleaning the window;
  • Edge-Leakage Sensor – to replace the conventional laser sensors, Edge-Leakage Sensor technology is capable of detecting the slight air leakage instantly at the edge of the frameless window and when encountering the window seal;
  • Corner Free – Larger corner coverage in comparison to Hobot-298 and other brands;
  • Voice Prompt and Creative Voice; and
  • OTA Firmware update – Users can update the firmware for Hobot-2S through App to enjoy the most up-to-date improvement.

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