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It’s out! The 2021-22 Robotics and Automation News Awards brochure

It’s out!!! 

The 2021-22 Robotics and Automation News Awards brochure is out – finally! Sorry if it’s later than you expected.

Download it now at this link:

In the brochure, you will see the 11 companies that received the highest numbers of readers’ votes in each category.

The three companies with the highest number of votes are listed in the “Nominees” section and one of them will receive the Readers’ Award. We will announce the winner at the presentation in late November or early December – exact date yet to be decided.

The other eight companies are highlighted in the “Shortlist” section.

All 11 companies will be entered into the Judges’ Awards round. The winners of this round will also be announced at the presentation.

An explainer: Robotics and Automation News Awards 2021-22

After five years of publication, Robotics and Automation News is launching an awards competition to highlight and honour some of the many companies in the sector that we cover on a daily basis and which have done particularly well in terms of their technical innovations and their success in their respective markets.

As a website and media outlet, and a group of people putting it together, we are privileged to be in this position. It’s been a long journey, particularly through the pandemic, but we have managed to cling on.

Over the past few years, we have seen the website grow from literally nothing to one of the most influential websites in the market today, and we have some very strong, well-established competition to compare ourselves to and aspire to emulating.

For these awards, we have chosen categories based on popular articles we have published over the past few years. A full list of these categories is on the next page, but several of these categories have been excluded for various reasons.

For readers who may have missed it, we published a voting form online and many thousands of people cast their votes.

In this brochure, we have listed the companies which got the highest number of votes, and listed them in two sections – “Shortlist” and “Nominees”. The explanation of the subsequent process is as follows.

Shortlists and Nominees

The three companies with the highest number of votes are listed in the “Nominees” section. We already know which one of these three has the highest number of votes, and is, therefore, the winner. But these winners will only be announced at the awards ceremony, which will take place in November or December – the date and time have not been decided, but we will inform you as soon as it is.

The other companies which received high numbers of votes are included in the “Shortlist” section. Although these companies are not in line to receive a Readers’ Award, they will nonetheless be entered into the Judges’ Awards round – along with the nominees. The winners will be announced at the same event.

Trophies and plaques

We are currently looking at different trophies and plaques to present to the winners, but they have not yet been decided, so any images of trophies you may see in this brochure are purely for illustrative purposes and may not represent an accurate reflection of eventual prizes.

Judges and sponsors

The main, overall sponsor of the Awards is SICK Sensor Intelligence. But we are currently looking for and selecting judges and sponsors for individual awards, so if you would like to take part in any way, please contact us.

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