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Saxony styles itself ‘Robot Valley’ and launches festival

The German region of Saxony is styling itself as “Robot Valley” and has launched a festival to highlight robotics clusters in the cities of Dresden and Chemnitz.

Authorities in the region say that Robot Valley Saxony has established itself as a robotics location “of supra-regional importance”.

They say the region plays a vital role in a variety of sectors, from novel robotics applications in medicine to small and medium-sized enterprises and the skilled trades, and sniff bots for hazardous areas or the 80 robots working on the new Volkswagen ID4.

Especially in the interaction of its uniquely strong microelectronics, mechanical engineering and software competencies, Saxony is putting itself on the world map of robot technologies.

University spin-offs and young robotics start-ups contribute to this just as much as established automation companies.

Technology players such as Wandelbots, Xenon, Fabmatics or R&D institutes such as the Fraunhofer IWU or the CETI produce highly regarded innovations.

Chemnitz, as the heart of Saxony’s mechanical engineering sector, contributes production technology expertise in particular and is a center of excellence for so-called “smart systems”.

Dresden as the nucleus of “Silicon Saxony” offers special conditions for producing both software and highly reliable chips for new types of robots.

And the players in “Autoland Saxony” – one of the top 5 automotive locations in Germany with ultra-modern plants of VW, BMW and Porsche – are driving the development of individualized, highly efficient robotics solutions decisively as demanding users.

With the first international Dresden Robotics Festival, the innovation region once again underscores its claim and ability to decisively shape the future of the growth industry robotics as one of the key industries for future value creation.

From September 15 to 22, the international robotics scene from industry, research and new business will meet here.

The 350 participants and 60 international speakers will include globally active robotics manufacturers such as Fanuc and Siemens, Stäubli, Yaskawa, as well as leading scientists from Stanford University, Sweden and Asia.

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