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OrionStar launches ‘Lucki’, the robotic waiter

OrionStar, a service robot solutions company, has launched Lucki, which the company claims is “the world’s first” AI powered, interactive delivery robot designed for restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals and more.

The company says its robot improves delivery efficiency and increases revenue for businesses through customer attraction, dynamic advertising and personalized interactions, offers a Covid-safe contactless delivery, as well as addresses the restaurant and hospitality industry labor shortage.

OrionStar says it is “redefining restaurant delivery robots” and standing out from competitors, adding that Lucki offers consumers a personalized and engaging experience, providing memorable moments for any occasion.

As consumer demand and competition heat up in the restaurant sector, OrionStar’s Lucki will become restaurants’ “secret sauce to increasing foot traffic”, says OrionStar.

Leveraging independently-developed AI technology and an adjustable tray design, the smart restaurant delivery robot is capable of autonomous walking, precise navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, customer engagement and multi-machine collaboration.

On the delivery front, Lucki ensures safe, speedy and spill-proof delivery every time. Equipped proprietary OrionStar technologies, including radar scanning, fisheye camera and RGBD multi- sensors, the robot achieves precise laser-based navigation and segmented speed control.

It can also carry a load of up to 40 kg (10 kg maximum per tray) and serve to up to four tables on a single trip – reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency by 2-3 times that of manual delivery.

Further, Lucki can work 15+ hours on a single charge, activating power-saving mode when needed and offering the options to shut down either automatically or remotely at the close of each day.

Bringing more than just meals to tables, Lucki also comes with OrionStar’s AI-driven robot marketing features, enabled by the robot’s six microphones, 360° listening technology, a 10.1-inch touch-screen, 1080p definition and ability to detect customers’ needs within a 5-meter radius.

Creating a digital experience for customers, Lucki helps reduce the workload of other employees by engaging and attracting potential customers via voice, visual and touch-screen interactions, such as by displaying a digital menu and accepting digital payments.

In addition to greeting visitors, it can lead guests to their seats, recommend specialty dishes, send customized birthday or holiday wishes, share exclusive offers and promote loyalty programs, making it the ultimate all-purpose restaurant assistant for restaurants.

In the post-Covid era, Lucki now comes with a configurable protective shield to enhance health and safety measures, allows for contactless delivery, as well as infuses the restaurant and hotel industry with workers.

Lucki is part of OrionStar’s service robot family that offers a comprehensive set of smart retail solutions. It is estimated that the smart delivery robot can help bring nearly $8,000 annually in net profit to a restaurant.

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