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Sarcos Robotics signs up Pine Environmental as distribution partner

Sarcos Robotics, a developer of exoskeletons and other robotic systems, has signed up Pine Environmental Services as an official distributor.

Pine Environmental is a professional services company providing equipment for environmental monitoring, nondestructive testing, visual inspection, and continuous emissions monitoring.

The agreement will see Pine Environmental become an official distributor of the award-winning Guardian S remote visual inspection and surveillance robot.

Pine Environmental will provide the Guardian S robot for rental in their locations throughout the US and Canada. Pine is known for having the largest stock of test and measurement equipment in their warehouses across North America. The company also provides technical and application support for their equipment.

Robotic technology is often overlooked as a critical digital transformation tool for the asset management process.

A November 2019 Technology Spotlight by IDC found that transforming asset performance management, including inspections of facilities and equipment, can yield significant improvements in key areas such as 20 percent improvements in asset uptime, 15-20 percent reductions in maintenance labor costs, and 8-10 percent improvements in mechanical efficiencies.

A premier surveillance and inspection tool, the Guardian S robot is uniquely capable, cost-effective, and portable, weighing approximately 17 lbs.

The robot can reliably traverse vertical ferromagnetic surfaces, stairs, culverts, and other unstructured terrain and confined spaces, as well as narrow pipes and tanks. It facilitates two-way, real-time video, voice, and data communication, all from a safe distance.

The Guardian S robot serves a wide variety of industries, including NDT, disaster recovery, infrastructure inspection and maintenance, aerospace, maritime, oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, defense, public safety, and security.

Scott Hopper, executive vice president of corporate and business development, Sarcos Robotics, says: “Pine Environmental is well-known for its expansive reach within North America and its sizeable equipment inventory.

“We are very excited to start this partnership, through which we hope to increase the productivity of a wide variety of customers requiring remote inspection and surveillance capabilities, while simultaneously removing workers from potentially hazardous situations.”

Mike McGettigan, chief commercial officer, Pine Environmental, says: “Sarcos has a long history of providing advanced robotics technologies to many different industries.

“Pine’s customers will significantly benefit from this premium, differentiated remotely-operated robotics tool, and we’re glad to be able to offer it as part of our portfolio.”

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