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How are industries using robots?

For the last few decades we’ve seen an increase in robots and AI in both our home and work environment, and post-pandemic this figure is set to increase as companies look for ways of reducing person-to-person contact.

Pre-pandemic the International Federation of Robotics estimated that 1.3 million industrial robots were being used in a wide variety of industries, with a record global average of 113 robotic units per 10,000 employees.

It was found that Western Europe (225 units) and the Nordic European countries (204 units) have the most automated production followed by North America (153 units).
But what are the industries that are reliant on robotics?

Health care
Go to any hospital or healthcare centre and the sound of beeping machines can be heard. Robotics have been used in health care for decades, and the advances in robotics and AI are helping to improve the lives of patients, as well as medical professionals.

From surgery to rehab, diagnosis to aftercare, even every day activities are being helped along by the use of robots. The latest robotic revolution is the robotic exoskeleton that’s set to change the lives of millions around the globe.

Farming and agriculture
Despite the need for an increase in production as populations rise, farming is decreasing in value. As a result of this the agricultural sector has had to seek more cost-effective methods of farming.

Turning to robotics to help reap, sow and grow crops, as well as implementing sensor technology to help manage pests and disease that affect crops, robotics is fast becoming just as essential as tractors.

Manufacturing was one of the first industries to use robots on a large scale. Helping to increase productivity and efficiency, robots help lower production costs, helping to reduce the overall purchase price of products.

However, in order for robots to operate at their highest level and therefore be a help and not a hindrance to production they must be maintained regularly.

From checking the servo motors to oil levels, regular cleaning to updating any software, taking the time to rest and repair robots is an essential part of the manufacturing process.

The military uses robotics in a number of different areas – and many more that civilians have no idea about. We know that unmanned drones have been used increasingly for both surveillance purposes and to support operations.

When used in war zones and areas of conflict instead of sending in soldiers, they’re able to save lives, time, and resources thanks to their speed and precision.

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