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Ambi Robotics launches ‘multi-robot kitting system’ aimed at e-commerce operations

Ambi Robotics, a developer of robotics systems, has launched AmbiKit, which the company says is “the industry’s first multi-robot kitting system that leverages AI data collection to expedite e-commerce kitting operations”.

AmbiKit automates product bundling for faster delivery, increasing order accuracy and reducing operating costs.

The new kitting system includes a five-robot picking line, currently deployed to augment the pick and place tasks associated with one of today’s fastest growing e-commerce opportunities: online subscription boxes.

Jim Liefer, CEO of Ambi Robotics, says: “Retailers and global e-commerce brands are operating in a year-round ‘peak’ season.

“In order for high-growth brands to fulfill online orders, companies are deploying AI-powered robotic systems to increase resilience in the supply chain. AmbiKit can immediately improve efficiency by deploying into existing workflows and successfully pick and place millions of unique items from day one.”

AmbiKit picks and packs millions of unique products into specific bags or boxes for shipping to online customers. Leveraging state-of-the-art AI with highly-dexterous robotics, AmbiKit ensures more than 99% order accuracy and can operate around the clock with zero downtime for product changeover.

While legacy systems take hours, or days, to adapt to new products introduced into a subscription box, AmbiKit quickly personalizes customer orders at scale to increase throughput.

AmbiKit is successfully sorting up to 60 items per minute in a commercial production environment. The kitting system alleviates existing manual warehouse processes for kitting operations that can cost retailers millions of dollars annually due to human error, high employee turnover and employee injury.

The subscription e-commerce kitting market is expected to exceed $478 billion by 20251 and consumers are demanding more product choices than ever before, shaping new trends like personalization and select-item bundling from individual SKU’s.

AmbiKit empowers brands to offer on-time deliveries, order customization, and maintain competitive pricing with reduced operating costs.

According to the Federal Reserve District2, employment opportunities are on the rise but post-COVID hiring is a widespread challenge. As e-commerce volume continues to surge, companies seek automated solutions to tackle the mundane, repetitive sorting tasks to fulfill online orders and are hiring full-time talent to work alongside advanced technologies.

Jeff Mahler, CTO at Ambi Robotics, says: “Ambi Robotics has developed state-of-the-art simulation-to-reality AI that can adapt to perform in any hardware configuration.

“Our advanced AI operating system powers a wide range of robotic solutions. When we launched Ambi Robotics, we made the decision to tackle the complex problems in the supply chain first, during a time when the US relied on global e-commerce and logistics more than ever before.”

Onfloor associates work alongside the AmbiKit system to induct totes with product and pack complete kits to be shipped to the end-customer. The AI-powered robotic system guides associates while sorting products to complete external actions through intuitive interfaces and dashboards.

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