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Pratt & Whitney selects Webcon to accelerate digital transformation

Pratt & Whitney, a world leader in the design, manufacturing and service of aircraft and helicopter engines and auxiliary power units, has chosen Webcon BPS as its enterprise-grade, low-code process management and automation platform to digitalize business processes and accelerate its digital transformation to align with the new remote work reality.

Jocelyn Brulé, Pratt & Whitney digital technology manager, says: “As an industry leader, we must not only ensure operational efficiency, but also focus on innovation. Therefore, for many years we have been using low-code platforms to digitize business processes.

“Webcon BPS, used in our Polish division, was one of them. Due to the efficiency, transparency and speed by which we’ve been able to use it to deliver business applications, and how easily the platform enables change management, we decided to roll it out globally.

“We’ll eventually have Webcon BPS replace other tools of this class we’d used previously.”

Pratt & Whitney’s experience in working with the Webcon BPS low-code platform dates back to 2013.

The platform was used both to streamline a variety of operational processes and to manage automated workflows related to the production side of their business.

The most important reason for selecting Webcon BPS was its unique emphasis on helping them manage change requests from end users and continually adapt applications to ever-evolving business needs.

Mike Fitzmaurice, vice president of Webcon North America, says: “Pratt & Whitney is a demanding client from a very demanding industry; they operate in North America and Europe and work with clients from all over the world.

“Especially at a scale like that, effective workflow management, constant process optimization and the ability to actively support new ideas provides a distinct competitive advantage.

“The experience they’ve gained from years of working with other low-code platforms set the bar high – which is why we are proud that the company has placed its trust in our product.”

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