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UBTECH Robotics unveils latest version of Walker X humanoid

UBTECH Robotics, a developer of intelligent humanoid robotics and AI technologies, has unveiled Walker X, the latest version of its groundbreaking bipedal humanoid robot.

With significant improvement in physical performance, autonomous intelligence and human to robot interactions, Walker X took another step closer to becoming the gold standard in humanoid robotics.

Walker X has been upgraded to perform a wider range of household tasks including serving tea, pouring liquids, watering the flowers, wiping surfaces and operating the vacuum cleaner.

At the WAIC event, held in July, Walker X gave further demonstrations of its capabilities.

Specifically, its improvements in climbing stairs, walking up and down slopes, playing chess in real time, massaging with compliant control, visual navigation around objects, improved walking speeds, single-leg balancing, and walking on uneven terrain, thus fully demonstrating its diversified, intelligent in-home service capabilities.

Equipped with both hardware and artificial intelligence upgrades combined with the updated physical ability to adapt to complex environments, Walker X is more advanced than ever. Enhanced core functions of Walker X include:

  • Increased walking speed: Improved, fasterwalking speed that mimics human-like gait at 3km/h.
  • Complex terrain navigation: Walker X can maneuver over, up, and down all types of terrain with advanced motion algorithms. A staircase is also no match for Walker X with the stable, posture-controlled adaption upstairs up to 15cm or across all types of surface elements.
  • Dynamic foot and leg control with self-balancing and anti-disturbance upgrades: Walker X is able to resist impact or interference when walking or standing with an improved balance control system that provides enhanced stability while walking or standing. Walker X can now also carry 10kg of weight or walk with 3kg of weight on both hands.
  • Improved hand-eye coordination: Walker X has received an upgraded combination of quadranocular stereo camera system and dual RGB-D sensor technology for excellent object and scene recognition. Utilizing the new updated camera and sensor technology with the large-load capacity robotic arm with 7 DoF and a 6 DoF force control palm, Walker X makes chores around the house like use of refrigerators, coffee machines, vacuum cleaners and other household appliances seem easy!
  • Safe human-robot interaction at all times: Utilizing compliant control force, Walker X can sense external force and stop safely before impact to allow secure interactions with people and the surrounding environment. With compliant control force, Walker X can perform tasks like opening bottles, pouring tea, and handing objects directly to family members.
  • UpgradedU-SLAM autonomous navigation and path planning: Walker X is able to safely and smartly navigate multiple types of spaces by employing first person view (FPV) AR navigation, 2.5D obstacle avoidance technology, sensor-enabled 3D stereo vision positioning in unison with the ability to build the optimal autonomous path each and every time.
  • Excellent environmental and human perception, even in the digital world: Walker X continues to learn and get better with experience. Using deep learning object recognition, self-researched facial recognition, and continuous object recognition, Walker X can begin to and learn how to accurately understand and interact with its external environment.
  • Multimodal emotional Interaction: Thenewly upgraded multimodal interaction system provides 28+ emotions and multiple avenues for seeing, hearing, interacting with, and observing the environment around Walker X.
  • AIoT connectivity + smart home control: With open, flexible, rich and convenient AIoT interfaces, Walker X can control common AIoT devices such as lights and appliances independently and according to user habits and scenarios.

Since the establishment of the company, UBTECH has continued to create new products and innovate technologies with the mission of bringing robots into every home and business by making them more intelligent, personal, and human-like in every way.

In the area of humanoid robot research, UTBECH has been developing and advancing Walker with consistent upgrades the humanoid robot four times in only a five-year span of time.

UBTECH also partnered with top research organizations including Tsinghua University and the RoboCup Federation to promote AI robotic innovations for the future inventors of the world.

“We at UBTECH are proud to be able to demonstrate the newest technologies with Walker X and look forward to continuing our mission of bringing a robot into every home and business,” said the company in a press release.

Interact with Walker X at China Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai UAE starting from October 1, 2021, where the advanced humanoid robot will serve as visitors’ smart guide.

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