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SICK earns Innovation Award from Robotics Business Review for LiDAR Localization Product

SICK has received an Innovation Award from the Robotics Business Review for its LiDAR-LOC product, a software solution that enables contour-based localization using LiDAR technology.

This is the third consecutive year that SICK has been given an award from the Robotics Business Review.

RBR50 is an annual list that recognizes and celebrates forward thinking companies and the original, impact solutions created by these companies.

In 2019, SICK was named a Top Robotics Company by Robotics Business Review. In 2020, the RBR50 was expanded to celebrate robotics innovation in a wider range of forms, including technology and product innovations.

LiDAR Localization solutions from SICK, LiDAR-LOC for short, uses SICK sensors and software to enable mobile platforms to move intelligently within warehouse or production hall environments.

It detects where natural contours (that is, walls, doors, pillars, and posts) are located and uses this information to find its own way to an ordered destination.

SICK provides sensor technology for a number of robotics applications, including navigation for mobile platforms. Mobile platforms move automatically or autonomously between different points in the production or logistics environment.

The LiDAR-LOC has numerous applications. It can be used for the protection and navigation of AGV systems, in assembly lines, localization of compact AGC’s using 2D LiDAR sensors, and even for position calculation for vehicle location.

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