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Understanding the Impact of Driving Style on Tyre Longevity

Every motorist is aware that tyres will gradually wear down after use, but do you know how long the average tyre lasts and when you should be looking to replace for improved safety and performance?

Under normal driving conditions, front tyres should last around 20,000 miles while rear tyres can last around 40,000.

Driving Style Affects Longevity

Those are under normal driving conditions, which means that the way in which you drive can actually have a big impact on the lifespan of your tyres and is just one reason why you should drive sensibly.

There are a few different styles of driving that people have and many of these should be avoided both in terms of safety and tyre longevity. A few of the main types include:


Angry: Everyone knows an angry driver or two and these can be dangerous for a few reasons. Angry road users show hostility towards others, but they can also be dangerous because they can be unpredictable and make sudden decisions that could both be unsafe and take their toll on the vehicle.

Reckless and careless: Reckless and careless drivers act as if they are the only ones on the road and are more likely to speed and violate driving laws. Obviously, this can be incredibly dangerous for other road users and it could also take its toll on the vehicle through extreme driving.

Anxious: While anxious drivers can be safer than the above, they can also be dangerous because they can be overly cautious, make sudden decisions and drive too slowly which can also be dangerous. In terms of tyre damage, braking hard is a common trait and can quickly wear down a tyre.

Careful: Careful drivers are those that are considerate of other road users but still confident and assured. These are the best drivers in terms of safety and tyre longevity as they practice smooth, efficient and quality driving.

Other Factors

It is clear that driving style can have a big impact on the tyres and you should avoid rash, aggressive driving with sudden reactions. There are other behaviours that could impact tyre longevity, such as driving with heavy loads, driving over potholes and poor vehicle maintenance.

You should keep a close eye on your tyres and regularly check the tread depth and tyre pressure – if you fall below the 1.6 mm legal tread depth minimum or your tyres show signs of damage then it can be easy enough to buy tyres online and replace them.

Vehicle tyres can last a long time, but it is important to understand that your driving style could also have a big impact. Ideally, you will be a careful and sensible driver to prolong the life of your tyres as well as to be a safe, confident and responsible road user.

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