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IDS to host free online event ‘Capture the Light’ presented by its image processing experts

For the successful implementation of image processing applications, it is not only important to choose the right camera and a suitable image sensor.

In order to capture light without interference and convert it into usable information, suitable optics and high-quality filter glasses also play a decisive role.

The focus event “Capture the Light” on June 24th at 2 pm BST addresses this topic in three exciting sessions.

Over the course of around 90 minutes, participants can expect an introduction to the possibilities of modern sensor technologies; in addition, there will be an explanation of the options available when every single pixel is needed for an extremely clean image and what should be considered when choosing the right lens.

IDS specialists will be available to answer individual questions between the sessions and in a panel round at the end. Registration and participation is free of charge via the IDS Vision Channel at

With the IDS Vision Channel, camera manufacturer IDS created an online platform at the beginning of the year for sharing knowledge on industrial image processing topics. The company regularly offers virtual live events where speakers pass on their expertise to participants free of charge.

Particularly convenient: at various virtual tables, participants can get in touch directly with the specialists, ask questions or exchange experience with other participants. Anyone who has missed a session can simply view the recording in the media library at a later date.

On June 24th, the focus event “Capture the Light” will first deal with the topic of “Inside sensor technology”, followed by a discussion of the maximum possible image cleanliness in “When clean is not enough”.

Before the final panel discussion, “Would you like a lens with that?” will question selection criteria when buying lenses. To participate, all that is required is a free registration in the IDS Vision Channel.

Afterwards, all upcoming events can be conveniently added to one’s own calendar and past sessions can be accessed in the media library.

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