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Geek+ and Circle K implement ‘Asia’s largest smart warehouse for grocery deliveries’

Geek+ is supplying 100 autonomous mobile robots to Circle K for its distribution center in Hong Kong.

The companies say the implementation represents the commitment of Geek+ and Circle K Hong Kong to “build supply chain resilience using technology and support customers with a wide selection of products and excellent services”.

Today, the distribution center of 140,000 square feet handles the deliveries of more than 300 Circle K convenience stores in Hong Kong, serving over 600,000 customers daily.

With large volumes bound for different destinations and a wide selection of products ranging from small everyday items to food and cold goods, Circle K Hong Kong wanted to automate its warehouse and streamline large-scale logistics processes.

The company decided to transform its operations with 100 Geek+ AMRs, to ensure the effective daily handling of over 1 million products.

Lit Fung, VP, and managing director of Geek+ APAC, UK and Americas, says: “We are excited to see our system support Circle K with the accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility needed to serve its wide network of convenience stores.

“Our AI-driven robotics system enables digitalization for streamlining warehouse operations, which helps our customers improve competitiveness in an ever-changing environment.”

AMRs will automate many time-consuming and strenuous tasks traditionally performed by warehouse employees such as finding and moving goods around the warehouse. In turn, it creates a safer work environment for employees while improving overall employee productivity.

Driven by intelligent software and QR-code technology, the network of robots will flexibly move racks of ordered goods from a designated area for inventory to employees positioned at workstations where they will finalize the picking process guided by the user-friendly interface.

It improves the overall picking accuracy and efficiency. The flexibility of movable robot-compatible racking, combined with the ability to choose the optimal route and organize inventory densely according to real-time demand, will improve space utilization and bring more flexible supply chain operations.

Additionally, AMRs can operate 24/7 to better support periods of high throughput demand.

Bruce Ma, senior supply chain manager of Circle K Hong Kong, says: “With substantial challenges facing our team, we aim to improve customers’ and employees’ experiences by reinventing our supply chain using automation technologies.”

With ever-changing markets and difficulties predicting future demand, flexibility through digitalization and real-time visibility is key to building an agile supply chain.

Moving forward, Geek+ and Circle K Hong Kong will work closely to secure the smooth operations of the largest automated warehouse within Asia’s grocery industry and ensure the timely and accurate allocation of millions of quality products to Circle K’s wide network of convenience stores.

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