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Beep launches Yellowstone’s first autonomous shuttles in partnership with Local Motors

Beep – a provider of multi-passenger, electric, autonomous mobility solutions – has launched what it says is Yellowstone National Park’s first-ever autonomous shuttle program, called TEDDY (The Electric Driverless Demonstration in Yellowstone), in partnership with Local Motors, a designer and manufacturer of autonomous vehicles.

The TEDDY project, an ode to Teddy Roosevelt, will enable the National Park Service to test the feasibility and sustainability of autonomous mobility and better plan for the future of transportation.

Joe Moye, Beep CEO, says: “Beep is proud to have been selected by the National Park Service to provide transformative mobility at the country’s first national park.

“Our safety centric approach is a vital component in our planning, management and oversight of the operation to ensure we are providing visitors with a safe and sustainable mode of transport while enjoying the park.

“Our team spent several weeks onsite leading up to the start of the program conducting rigorous route testing, as well as training first responders and frontline workers in order to protect and preserve all that Yellowstone has to offer.”

Beep says it provided the “full turnkey solution for the project by planning, managing and deploying with the NPS”.

Through August 31, Beep will enable two routes, seven days a week at Yellowstone, collecting vital information such as ridership, route optimization and overall vehicle operations.

Learnings and data gathered will help inform potential future implementations in national parks across the country.

Vikrant Aggarwal, Local Motors president, says: “The project at Canyon Village is a testament to the strong partnership between Local Motors and Beep to deploy electric autonomous vehicles.

“Olli will provide park visitors with a truly unique rider experience. Our 3D-printed vehicle structure is made from recyclable materials, and the vehicle utilizes a fully electric drive train, reflecting our commitment to making mobility more sustainable.

“We are excited to be bringing this technology to the NPS.”

TEDDY will be navigating through the Canyon Village area of Yellowstone National Park through the peak summer season.

Other aspects of the service are as follows:

  • Lodge Route will operate from June 9 to July 12.
  • Campground Route will operate from July 14 to August 31.
  • Both routes will deliver a safe, unique rider experience onboard the world’s first 3D-printed autonomous vehicle, Olli by Local Motors.
  • Olli will continuously analyze the road 360-degrees around the vehicle using high-definition sensors before deciding how to safely proceed given the wildlife, pedestrians and vehicles nearby.
  • Beep will ensure passenger safety with the TEDDY project by providing continuous oversight through its Beep Command Center.

Beep’s says its “deep experience” in managing the largest and most tenured autonomous shuttle service in Lake Nona, Florida, coupled with its proven track record in operating vehicles on public roads, “uniquely positions the company as a leader in the development of real-world autonomous solutions and software”.

The company says the Yellowstone shuttle service is another reflection of Beep’s ability to plan, manage and implement autonomous solutions in unique environments.

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