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Seegrid creates ‘Blue Labs’ research and development group

Seegrid, a provider of autonomous mobile robots for material handling, has established something it calls “Blue Labs”, a research and development group to further the company’s technical progress.

With an in-house team of innovators in mobile automation building upon Seegrid’s proprietary, artificial intelligence technologies, the company will accelerate its expanding footprint throughout the manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics sectors it serves.

This year the company has launched multiple new automated workflows for its fleet of Palion AMRs along with a cloud-based data analytics platform, and has been heavily focused on faster development of new products and rapid expansion of its product offering.

Todd Graves, chief technology officer (CTO) for Seegrid, says: “Blue Lab’s team of talented researchers anticipate quickly revealing additional pathways to transform material handling for incorporation into Seegrid AMR and software solutions.

“With a team of the best innovators in mobile automation, we have the vision, ambition, and expertise to make our customers even more competitive in their ability to meet demand.”

The Blue Labs team is composed of world-class automation experts, many with PhD level expertise in robotics and computer vision systems.

Graves says: “Seegrid is more than a technology company – we are an automation partner for our customers.

“Blue Labs is about ingenuity with an entrepreneurial approach, ensuring continued strategic exploration and visionary discovery, leading the company and our customers into the future of intelligent mobile automation.”

Seegrid has long been a technology innovator since its founding by world-renowned roboticist Hans Moravec, the company’s chief scientist.

The company has been experiencing rapid growth and demand – some of the biggest brands in the world leverage Seegrid’s mobile robots and enterprise software to fill labor shortages, increase throughput, and help improve overall material flow.

Seegrid says its collective fleet has driven more than 5 million miles at customer sites without a single personnel safety incident.

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