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AutoStore sells 600 robotic systems for warehouses

DSV, a large-scale Danish transport and logistics company, is expanding its position in the third-party logistics market through the use of AutoStore technology.

Implemented by Element Logic, the system uses AutoStore robotics and Element Logic’s proprietary software to provide a leading solution for e-commerce players.

The solution is being implemented in nine countries and represents AutoStore’s 600th system implementation.

DSV’s global strategy is to serve its clients with the most cost and operationally effective solutions on the market. Such solutions need to be environmentally sustainable and give clients access to a robust and trustworthy technology.

With a track record of delivering over 600 automated warehouses globally, AutoStore will provide a long-term solution in partnership with Element Logic, giving DSV’s clients a competitive advantage in the market.

This multi-site roll-out follows the successful installation of AutoStore technology by Element Logic into one of DSV’s distribution centers in Norway, located in Vestby outside of Oslo.

Håvard Hallås, chief commercial officer at Element Logic, says: “With a proven technological solution, combined decades of experience between ourselves and AutoStore, and the integration of our eManager software, DSV will benefit from a significant competitive advantage when serving both existing and new customers.”

Hallås believes DSV’s solution represents an exciting opportunity in a market that is characterized by growth. He says: “Providing integrated solutions and a common technology across countries and continents brings competitive advantages. It is an exciting time for DSV.”

DSV’s CEO for the Solutions division, Brian Ejsing, commented on the investment program.

Ejsing says: “This is a logical next step considering the growth of our e-commerce operations. This partnership enables us to scale our B2C fulfillment network much faster.”

Karl Johan Lier, AutoStore CEO and president, says: “Our latest partnership with DSV is a positive milestone for AutoStore, representing a crucial part of our growth journey.

“They are an excellent partner for us to have on board as both companies hold the same values of efficiency, innovation, and environmental impact, making our positioning in the market a unified one.”

The company’s first robotic system was implemented back in 2005 by Element Logic, and the growth in the number of robots in recent years has attracted international attention.

At the beginning of April, SoftBank invested NOK 25 billion ($2.8 billion) in the company, valuing the company at NOK 65 billion ($7.7 billion).

According to the CEO of AutoStore, Karl Johan Lier, growth in the 3PL sector will continue to increase.

Lier says: “The demand for automated solutions in the retail trade and an increasing uptake of e-commerce by consumers means that the market for automated warehousing solutions is strong.”

Lier believes that AutoStore and its sales partners are very well equipped to take a large share of the market.

Lier says: “In addition to the fact that AutoStore represents a unique and efficient technology, it is actually players such as DSV that are the main argument for AutoStore and Element Logic’s eManager software.

“Our technology is flexible and scalable. Companies using our solution do not need to predict demand but can scale up when the need arises.”

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