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Why Custom SaaS Solutions Are Better Than On-Premise Solutions

Gone are the days when you need to use downloadable software! 

This is the era of cloud technology which enables developers to develop customized business solutions that users can easily access without any downloads.

With SaaS solutions, you can easily develop a customized app for your business. As it is a Software as a Service, you don’t need to download the software on your device.

Instead, you can use it on the cloud with the help of the internet. All you need to do is enter the URL and access it. There are no boundaries as you can access the software from anywhere.

Users can simply pay the subscription charges and enter their credentials to use the software.

Custom SaaS Solutions vs On-Premise Solutions:

Most people think you cannot customize SaaS solutions. However, it is wrong. You can use the SaaS platform to create customized apps for your business. You can easily customize the front-end or the user-side of the app.

It is better than using old on-premise solutions for your business. Here are some facts which prove that SaaS solutions are better.

  • No Installation: When it comes to on-premise solutions for business, you need to install it on the device to use it. However, you don’t need to install SaaS custom solutions. You can easily access it without installation.
  • Better Customization: SaaS offers better customization options. You can easily include the features which the users need. In the case of on-premise solutions, you will get a pre-installed package of various useless features. It is hardly of any use. The worst thing is that you cannot remove it until the upgrade arrives.
  • No Hardware: This is the best thing about SaaS solutions. It needs web hosting services. There is no need to use your own server hardware to run the app. On the other hand, on-premise apps need hardware to run. It needs regular maintenance as well.
  • New Features: You can easily use all the new features with SaaS solutions. It offers free ready-to-use features. It helps you to access the app quickly. With an on-premise solution, you need to pay money to add new features.
  • Off-Site Backups: With SaaS solutions, you will get the free off-site backup option. As it is built on the cloud, there will be a backup of all the data. However, with an on-premise solution, you have to manually backup the data to protect it from threats and loss.
  • Recurring Revenue: SaaS solutions are subscription-based. It means users have to regularly pay money to use it. There is no option to permanently purchase it. It helps in recurring revenue. It is not the same case with on-premise solutions, which comes with a one-time purchase option.
  • Licensing Security: When it comes to security, custom SaaS solutions are the best offer. As it is cloud-based, there is no licensing problem. Nobody can use it illegally. But on-premise solutions can be easily cracked. Hackers can crack and modify it. SaaS solutions can only be accessed with the help of unique credentials, which makes them pretty safe and secure.

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