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Hexagon and Plex Systems partner to offer smart manufacturing solutions

Hexagon and Plex Systems are partnering to offer smart manufacturing solutions. The companies say the new partnership will provide manufacturers a path to greater automation and Industry 4.0 adoption.

Hexagon, a provider of sensor, software, and autonomous technologies, and Plex Systems, a cloud-delivered smart manufacturing solutions company, describe this as a new “strategic partnership”.

The global partnership will enable Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division and Plex to co-sell Plex MES to Hexagon manufacturing customers, helping them to take control of the plant floor through full visibility and connectivity and realize the promise of Industry 4.0.

Paolo Guglielmini, president of the manufacturing intelligence division at Hexagon, says: “There’s no question that more connected, data-driven approaches to manufacturing are central to bringing better products to market faster and more cost-effectively with confidence.

“Plex brings valuable experience to our customers, and its impressive open MES solution augments our technologies offering a path to ramp up shop floor efficiency by bringing together data from siloed processes to solve manufacturing problems faster and more collaboratively.”

Hexagon and Plex share a common vision for smart manufacturing, offering manufacturers an incremental path to achieve greater automation and Industry 4.0 adoption.

Using Plex’s robust Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with integrated quality control, Hexagon customers will be able to augment their workflows by streaming quality measurements, engineering data and other manufacturing information into Plex’s MES creating a digital system of record in real-time.

Manufacturers will benefit from enhanced visibility and control over their inventory and manufacturing processes, while gaining deeper insight, traceability and opportunities for continuous innovation by combining Plex and Hexagon’s digital solutions.

Bill Berutti, CEO at Plex, says: “We are thrilled to partner with Hexagon, an organization that is just as dedicated to delivering smart manufacturing solutions as we are and with a global scale.

“Smart manufacturing isn’t something that will happen years down the road … it’s real, it’s imperative and it’s happening now.”

Hexagon and Plex will partner in opportunities, initially in Europe and India, where Hexagon prospects and customers have MES needs. The combination of Hexagon and Plex for these manufacturers provides a fully digitalised solution from plant measurement and metrology to managing end-to-end production.

Reid Paquin, research director, at IDC, says: “Smart manufacturers are seeking continuous product and process improvements to ensure that quality is measured, enforced and managed in a closed-loop across design, production and inspection.

“This new partnership will enable manufacturers to do just that and on a global level.”

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