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How AI is Improving Software Development

Artificial Intelligence has been changing the world. This technology has the capacity to seriously disrupt industries and turn traditional processes on their head.

Software development is closely linked with AI, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also improve thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence.

In fact, in some cases, we are already seeing the power AI has in app development. We won’t be seeing fully automated software development projects in the near future, but that doesn’t mean that AI technology can’t help development teams reduce their workload and operate more efficiently.

If you’re interested in learning how software developers are using the power of AI to improve the development process, continue reading.

Current Ways AI is Being Used to Improve the Development Process

Software developers currently use AI to help complete the following development tasks:

  • Code generation
  • Software testing
  • Deployment

While these are not the only ways AI can help during app development, these tasks are good examples of how Artificial Intelligence is improving development everyday. Most of the current tasks AI is really proficient at handling are repetitive and time-consuming.

Code Generation

A lot of boilerplate code is used during the development process. There are tools like frameworks, pre-processors, and build scripts that reduce some of the repetitive code, but there is still a ton of boilerplate code that developers have to write on their own.

Many development environments are taking advantage of the power of AI to include smart code suggestions much in the same way Gmail has the Smart Compose feature. Not only does this reduce the amount of time developers need to spend writing the same code over and over again, but it also ensures that there is more consistency across the entire development project.

Software Testing

One of the most time consuming tasks during development is quality assurance testing. There are some frameworks that help reduce the amount of writing, running, and maintaining tasks that need to be done on the tests, but more developers are turning to the power of AI to help test their projects.

Not only can AI start to flag bugs in the code as they are happening, but over time it can build insights into where bugs are likely to occur in the future based on the source code. AI is a powerful tool that can be used to reduce the amount of time spent regression testing. That means you can spend more time marketing your new app.


This is an interesting stage of the development cycle. In fact, deployment is often home to errors that are missed during the QA testing portion of development. Developers are turning to AI-powered software to help monitor deployments and roll back code with errors before it goes live.

Using AI-powered software during deployment helps reduce the amount of downtime your project faces should something go wrong. AI used in this way also helps reduce staff costs as well because teams don’t have to worry about manual monitoring during deployment. This saves work hours and salary costs.

Final Thoughts

AI is here to stay. No, we’re not at the point of true Artificial Intelligence yet, but that doesn’t mean that there are no real-world use cases for this technology. Software developers are often on the frontlines of early adoption. It comes as no surprise that AI is already being used successfully in software development.

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