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ASRock Industrial and Dynamis PRC to provide autonomous car technology for 2022 Formula Student Championship

ASRock Industrial is currently collaborating with Dynamis PRC, providing its latest Intel 10th Gen CPU motherboard IMB-1222 to power up the prototype’s autonomous driving system and participate in the 2022 Formula Student Championship.

Formula Student is one of the world’s most competitive international automobile design competitions for students among university teams. Each team designs and builds a formula-style competition vehicle to enter the race.

Among many great teams, Dynamis PRC from Italy has achieved 4th place globally and ranked 1st nationally after years of competitions and successes.

ASRock Industrial’s IMB-1222 motherboard will be empowering the driverless prototype, boosting performance during its participation in the 2022 Formula Student Championship.

The autonomous driving system is an essential core to manage the driverless vehicle. The core system runs data computing from sensors, utilizing machine learning to precisely determine the position of all items within the vehicle’s surroundings, and calculate the optimal trajectory.

ASRock Industrial’s IMB-1222 motherboard is the main computer to power neural networks, featuring Intel® 10th Gen Core™ Processors (Comet Lake-S) for high computing power to run real-time workloads and AI computing for driverless vehicle controls.

Moreover, there are rich IOs and flexible expansions for high quality computer interfaces to connect power steering system, electronic braking system, and some safety indicators to safely and efficiently navigate the car.

James Lee, ASRock Industrial president, says: “Ambitious efforts worldwide to push for driverless vehicle continue to be at the forefront of industrial and AIoT transformations.

“Through this opportunity to collaborate with Dynamis PRC, ASRock Industrial’s motherboard can support the team in the 2022 Championship and exhibit the system’s effectiveness in enhancing automotive development globally.

“Our systems and motherboards are very suitable for powering up the driverless system, boosting its performance. We shall continue to design and launch the new iEPF-9000S/ iEP-9000E Series Edge AIoT Platform powered by Intel 10 Gen CPU best fitted for automotive and edge computing applications.”

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