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Singapore mega-port implements Stäubli robot charging solution

PSA Singapore’s new mega-port will have fully automated key operations with AGVs that are automatically charged during the operation process with Stäubli’s QCC high-power charging solution.

In the course of maintenance, the battery systems are exchanged automatically with Stäubli’s Multi Connect System, or MCS.

PSA Singapore is ranked the world’s largest container transshipment hub. To anticipate the future growth in global trade, PSA is constructing the new mega port at Tuas. This future port will feature totally automated terminal operations.

A part of this development is based on the fully battery powered AGVs (automated guided vehicles), which have a carrying capacity of 65 tons and a cruising speed of 25 km/h.

With electrical drive, they are more energy efficient, require less maintenance and have a positive effect on reducing CO2 emissions for port operations.

For the highest efficiency of the operation recharging the batteries of the AGVs is done with the automatic rapid charging solution QCC by Stäubli, which is the fastest and most reliable way to recharge the battery during operation time.

To keep up high availability for the operating AGV fleet, quick battery pack replacement is carried out off-board the AGV.

The connection and disconnection is handled quickly, safely and easily without any human intervention supported by the Stäubli Multi Connect System (MCS) that combines different energy sources to be connected in one single movement.

The Stäubli connection solutions ensure productivity and continuity in the AGV operation at PSA.

During evaluation and implementation, the engineering experts of Stäubli thoroughly supported the installation on-site and interacted closely with both PSA engineering team and involved technology suppliers to deliver a safe and dependable, high power electrical transmission solution for PSA battery-powered fleet.

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