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How TikTok can bring money to entrepreneurs

If you are an owner of a small business, do you pay attention to developing your business on a new social media platform? Here are some Tiktok Business Tips that will bring you potential customers and money for free of charge.

What do we recommend to use TikTok in your marketing plan?

TikTok is more than just an app for young guys to post jokes and dances on videos. TikTok reaches almost every demographic group on the platform with over 800 million real fans worldwide.

TikTok has tons of cool videos about business in general. Plus, incorporating TikTok into a company’s marketing plan is a vital idea. Many founders have started up companies on this platform, and their posts have gone viral.

Two reasons why you should use TikTok service for businesses

1. Mobile gadgets

TikTok is primarily aimed at mobile devices. Therefore, the site where your goods or services are sold must be mobile and then developed for PCs.

TikTok is also accessible on PC and tablets. Thus, you can sign-in it anytime, anywhere.

2. Core is creativity and uniqueness

TikTok is special in that video content composers focus on originality and uniqueness. Far from existing social networks, where authors create content based on their experience.

Algorithm for promotion in TikTok

The algorithm is designed in such a way that even a beginner channel can receive a large number of views. On TikTok, this is called a hit in global recommendations, so you can often see the hashtag #wanted.

If the video gets feedback from comments and tiktok likes, as well as a large number of searches, such a hit will occur more often.

Recommendations can be roughly divided into several types, based on their coverage:

  1. The first is the lowest reach, videos are shown only to subscribers.
  2. The second is more extensive. In this case, videos are shown not only to subscribers, but also to an audience interested in the same topic.
  3. Third – the video is shown to your own and related audience.

Fourth, the video goes to global recommendations and is shown to any TikTok users.

Tiktoker’s task is to make a video that would be interesting to everyone. The same goes for promoting a business via TikTok. For all videos, the same rules apply and you need to focus on them.

The goals of the advertising campaign in TikTok

The goals can be divided into three categories:

  1. Information or awareness. Communication means increasing the awareness of your brand or specific product.
  2. Reminder. Reminder involves maintaining demand for goods or services by constantly mentioning them.
  3. Conviction. The purpose of “persuasion” is to describe the competitive advantages of your products or services over competitors.

The next step is audience selection

TikTok targeting

In TikTok Ads Manager, you can set up targeting for your target audience. Possible settings include:

  • Create a similar or custom audience, exclude that audience
  • Demographics: gender (husband / wife), age (13-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55+)
  • Location (country, region)
  • Language (determined based on the language of the user’s application)
  • Interests (based on the videos the user likes)
  • Behavior (you can choose to target users based on their interaction with the video or with the content creator)
  • Device (connection type – 2G, 3G, LTE, WI-FI, operating system, its version, device model, its price, mobile operator).

TikTok advertising campaign budget

The TikTok Ads Manager platform has a flexible budget setting for advertising campaigns. TikTok provides the following business tips on its website:

  • Establish a daily budget and adjust it depending on the success of the advertising campaign. This is far more forward-looking than setting one budget for the entire lifetime of the campaign.
  • Initial Race Budgetread using the formula: “20 times the estimated cost per conversion.”
  • If you need users to take a targeted action inside the advertised application, TikTok recommends using application event optimization. To do this, the initial budget must be at least $ 100 and comply with the formula: “20 times the estimated cost per conversion.”
  • The same goes for a campaign designed to increase conversions. The budget should be at least “20 times the estimated CPA” and at least $ 100. At the same time, TikTok advises not to change the targeting settings and bids until the campaign passes the “training” and does not collect at least 50 targeted actions.

After that, it is advisable to keep the budget at least 50 percent of the original, and the rate at least 20 percent. Changes should be made no more than two times a day.

Advertising creation in TikTok

Like many other sites, advertising on TikTok is divided into campaigns, groups and ads.

Currently, two types of ads are supported: static banners and videos. Advertising banners can be placed in partner applications of the social network – BaBe, News Republic, Helo.

Video ads in TikTok itself. The maximum number of ads per campaign group is limited to 20.

The ad creation process is as follows:

  • Specify the title of the ad. The title is not displayed to outsiders, it is used to navigate among its other ads.
  • Choose an ad format. TikTok itself only supports video ads. Banner ads are shown only in partner apps.
  • Add video file. You can do this from your computer, from a library of previously published files, or create a new one. When creating a new video, you can use a predefined template or the Smart Video tool. If a template is used, a video ad is assembled from ready-made templates previously approved by the site. The Smart Video tool analyzes the videos already uploaded to your account and creates a new edited video sequence based on them. It can also add background sound.
  • Add your own cover or choose from site templates. Up to 8 keyframes can be shown depending on the length of the video.
  • Enter the following items: display name (must correspond to the promoted brand, company, product, site, application), ad text, call to action, profile picture, link to the landing page.
  • To track the effectiveness of advertising, you can add a special pixel from TikTok or use one of the third-party programs.

After you compose your ad, you can preview it. Conveniently, the publication automatically adapts to the user’s device. The published ad goes to moderation and, after approval, begins to “spin out”.

Recommend your business ANYWHERE

TikTok is a helpful social network for attracting attention and tiktok followers to any business, but don’t be limited to one place.

There are various ways to sell products or services. Use platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, Hashtap, and Medium. Use each platform to advertise your company.

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