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Trends in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Domain Names 2021

A brand name plays a vital role in any business, including robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).

It evokes certain emotions and grabs the audience’s attention. If it’s appealing, the audience will be curious and more responsive. Same things apply to business domain names too.

However, coming up with a brand name that would also work as a domain name is a challenge. You have to consider its simplicity, memorability, and domain availability.

To help name your AI business, this article will share some of the current trends in the industry. It will also provide tips on how to come up with the perfect brand name that works as a domain name too.

1. Brainstorm Name Ideas

List all potential brand names that would suit your robotics or AI company. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Start with common keywords. Technological and AI products often include the words “brain”, “robot”, and “smart”.
  • Create a meaning for your product. For example, Rainbird relates its name with a type of bird that can forecast rain. The forecasting concept reflects the AI Rainbird’s feature in automated decision making.
  • Communicates the specialization. For instance, there’s a machine learning tool that helps to make credit decisions named ZestFinance.
  • Humanize the technology. Giving robotics and AI platforms human names, such as Alexa and Einstein.

If you’re still stuck, try using a business name generator for robotics companies, like TRUiC or Biznamewiz.

2. Choose .AI Domains

Although .com is the most popular top-level domain extension, using .ai is more relevant for companies in the AI industry. It also helps the audience immediately know what you offer.

Some domain name search tools don’t provide this extension, and some offer it for a very high price. Make sure to explore and compare a few domain name generators before deciding where to purchase the domain name from.

3. Keep the Name Simple

Most companies with AI names keep it simple and avoid clever wordplay. They aim to keep the name easy to spell and to memorize, which are the critical requirements of a good brand name.

If your business name is complex and includes tricky spellings, numbers, or abbreviations, chances are nobody will remember it. Nothing’s wrong with being straightforward with common words.

4. Check Its Availability

Before settling on a name, ensure the domain name is legally available to use and can be trademarked. Without a trademark, your business won’t be protected, and other people may use a similar or even the exact same name to get benefits from your brand’s reputation.

Search on the online checker tool to make sure the domain name is available. Then, go to an online trademark database for your country to check if anyone has a pending application or approved trademark for the name you want.

5. Test Your Name

Once you list some possible names, analyze the ideas. Ask yourself these questions to help you make the final decision:

  • Does the name explain what my business does?
  • Is it easy to pronounce and remember?
  • How will others perceive the brand name?
  • Is the name different from competitors?

To assure the quality, get some feedback about your name. Ask your friends and team members , or join a naming community where the members vote for the best option.

If you’re still unsure, test the possible names with accompanying logos and see which visual can evoke positive emotions.

Ready to Start

After following the naming process above, secure your domain name immediately and apply for a trademark. Once those processes are finished, you’ll be ready to start setting branding strategies and building an online presence for your robotics and AI business.

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