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Plex launches new quality management system for manufacturers

Plex Systems, a provider of cloud-delivered smart manufacturing solutions, has launched its Quality Management System (QMS) as a standalone offering.

Plex QMS helps manufacturers adhere to industry compliance, regulations, and standards such as FMEA, PPAP, SQF, and BRC to avoid costly product recalls.

Nathan Pieri, global vice president of product strategy and execution at Plex Systems, says: “Plex has offered digital quality management as in integral part of the Smart Manufacturing Platform since our inception.

“Plex QMS is a focused configuration of the same critical capabilities customers value in our multi-tenant Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

“The solution offers quick time to value for customers looking to first address quality issues in their plant and puts them in an excellent position to expand to the full manufacturing and business operations solutions when they are ready.”

Cloud-based Plex QMS operates from a single, central database, making it possible for manufacturers to easily sustain and maintain quality processes in a repeatable and predictable manner all while tracing each step along the way.​

With the workflow driven Plex QMS, manufacturers complete process steps and enter documentation, ensuring every worker adheres to defined guidelines before moving to the next step.

The system confirms the same methods, skills and control are applied and quality is maintained regardless of which worker is doing the work.

Kevin Prouty, group vice president, energy and manufacturing insights at IDC, says: “When a quality issue exists, manufacturers lose credibility and customers.

“But if you operationalize quality management through a closed-loop solution, like Plex QMS, you can make decisions much faster and more confidently.”

Plex follows a four-step model for quality management:

  • Plan: With Plex QMS, manufacturers create a digital control plan to document measurements, inspections and quality checks.
  • Do: Manufacturers then inspect and document with in-process digital checksheets to ensure products meet requirements.
  • Check: Manufacturers will capture any quality and production data for tracking and maintaining a permanent digital record for compliance or certifications.
  • Act: Lastly, Plex QMS promotes a continuous improvement quality-centric environment and enables manufacturers to use the data to improve processes.

Jeff Astle, general manager and COO, JF Fredericks Aero, says: “We love the quality gatekeeping features in Plex.

“If a part has an issue and hasn’t cleared inspection, the system won’t let us ship it. Having this kind of control not only helps us maintain high quality, but also impresses our customers and helps us win additional work.”

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