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Kiwibot and designer Alejandro Otálora receive iF Design Award

Kiwibot, a service using semi-autonomous robots to reimagine and democratize robotic delivery, says that the concept prototype of its next-generation robot 4.0, Kiwibot Plus+, has won the world-renowned iF Design Award 2021 for Professional Concept.

Led by Alejandro Otálora, the company’s head designer, it is the first Colombian-run project ever to receive the award in this category.

Almost 10,000 entries were submitted from 52 countries to the world’s oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design.

This year, Kiwibot’s next-generation robot 4.0 concept won over the 98-member jury with its unique sustainable design and integrated artificial intelligence technology to enhance robot-human interaction.

Kiwibot, with offices across Colombia, Taiwan, and California, encourages the exploration of alternative green energies and transportation. And this robot’s edge – besides winking – is that it reduces waste and cuts carbon emissions.

The company also advocates the adoption of delivery robots that can be safely integrated into communities to optimize delivery efficiency and accessibility to everyone regardless of socio-economic background.

Kiwibot promises to reduce the cost of transportation and delivery to $0, and to always deliver with a smile.

From May, for those who use local Shopify-powered portals in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, San Jose, Miami, Pittsburg, and Detroit, the new-generation robot will be able to deliver food.

The semi-autonomous robots will cruise the streets and be supported by remote supervisors to ensure high safety and mobilization standards.

Otálora says: “From a young age, I had dreamed of a world where technology and art would assist people in their daily lives and help them reach their full potential.

“With this prestigious design award, I hope to inspire Colombians and the next generation of robotic and transportation creators to believe that they can achieve anything they set their minds to. The secret is to build something simple yet transformative and to alter it until you get it right.

“This is the real meaning of design.”

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