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Honeywell Aerospace equips newly designed Dassault plane

Honeywell Aerospace was one of the main technology suppliers for Dassault Aviation on its new, long-range Falcon 10X business jet.

Stevan Slijepcevic, president, electronic solutions, Honeywell Aerospace, says: “Honeywell is proud to equip the new Dassault 10X aircraft with its next-generation Primus Epic technology that brings the safety and situational awareness of the aircraft to an unprecedented level.

“Honeywell and Dassault collaborated since the inception of the 10X development program to create unique Human Factors and Pilot Interface experiences.

“The result is a flight deck packed with the industry’s best safety technology, and flight displays that don’t just look better, but contain an array of powerful features such as Honeywell’s 3D Airport Moving Maps and Runway Overrun Awareness and Alerting System.”

The look and feel of the 10X cockpit has been enhanced with new advances in touch displays, Next Generation Mission Management for pilot operations, modern sleek Cursor Controls, cockpit video capabilities, Synthetic Vision enhancements and new navigation features.

The aircraft performance is also elevated through advances with a new Single Antenna Radar Altimeter (SARA), advanced flight controls integration, and other safety features:

Enhanced SmartView Synthetic Vision System

Enhancements add approach symbology to improve situational awareness during the approach phase. This provides a visual reference of the arrival runway’s approach course at distance, and along with the 3D Runway Extended Centerlines, provides a visual reference of the arrival runway’s orientation.

Next-Generation Integrated Navigation (NG INAV)

The MFD capability and user interface has been enhanced to an unmatched level. The INAV received a contemporary and elegant look with spherical projections of flight plans, and an updated design language library along with reducing clutter. Enhanced VSD (Vertical Situation Display) is an impressive addition with Graphical Flight Planning capability on the VSD and Airspace Depictions.

2-D Airport Moving Maps and Cockpit Display of Traffic Information (CDTI-SURF)

Items such as runways, taxiways, airport structures, signs, taxiway lines and more are now clearly visible on the multi-function display (MFD). The information is kept up to date on the map database, and this technology makes taxiing at unfamiliar airports much easier by increasing the pilot’s situational awareness. CDTI-SURF also presents flight crew with the position of the ADS-B aircraft when airborne on the flight deck MFD.

3D Airport Moving Maps (AMM)

The information now available to pilots on the Primary Flight Display with the Situational Awareness Package enhances the Honeywell SmartViewTM Synthetic Vision System (SVS) with 3D Airport Moving Maps. The SVS environment display now starts on the ground with a 3D rendering of the airport environment.

The 3D airport moving maps option can be used to complement the standard 2D moving maps feature on the multifunction display, or as a standalone tool when the display is needed for other tasks. Items such as hotspots, runway hold short lines and taxiway signage increase a pilot’s situational awareness to unprecedented levels.

Runway Overrun Awareness and Alerting System (ROASS)

This system analyzes the landing runway, compares it with published aircraft performance data and identifies potential situations that might result in a runway overrun such as a high and fast approach.

Once a potential situation is identified, the system alerts the pilot using visual and aural alerts. These alerts are provided in real time and prompt the pilot to take corrective action immediately.

HGT400 Auxiliary Power Unit

The HGT400 gas turbine auxiliary power unit (APU) is an integrated system that supplies pneumatic and electric power for the 10X while on the ground or in-flight.

This is Honeywell’s newest large-cabin business aviation APU, and is approximately 30 pounds lighter than the average APU in its class.

It is also equipped with the latest in electronic controller technology, allowing for smooth communication with the integrated flight deck.

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