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ZF launches its ‘most advanced’ autonomous emergency braking system for commercial vehicles in China

Automotive systems manufacturer ZF is preparing for volume production of its most advanced autonomous emergency braking assistance system in China. OnGuardMAX will be installed in new truck models by two leading Chinese manufacturers from this year.

Sophisticated data integration with state-of-the-art camera and radar sensor helps the system autonomously detect, classify and react on moving and stationary vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles.

The system warns the driver of imminent collisions and, if necessary, can autonomously bring the vehicle to a complete stop. This advanced object detection and autonomous braking capability further enables the new ZF system to help avoid or mitigate accidents involving pedestrians.

Wilhelm Rehm, member of the board at ZF and responsible for commercial vehicle and industrial technology, says: “Current orders and the start of volume production of our most advanced driver assistance system in China demonstrate the extensive capabilities of the expanded ZF Group following the acquisition of WABCO.

“Fully in line with our ‘See Think Act’ principles, ZF’s OnGuardMAX system further reinforces our technology leadership in addressing commercial vehicle driver assistance and autonomous driving solutions.

“After the recent acquisition of WABCO as a ‘Perfect Match’ for ZF, our strategy is already clearly bearing fruit.”

In this integrated OnGuardMAX solution, ZF’s sensor technology, software and actuators interact seamlessly with each other.

Information from its advanced radar sensor and high-resolution dual lens camera is analyzed by a high-performance image processing module.

This is controlled by ZF software which can, if required, also activate the ZF-supplied brake system autonomously.

In everyday logistics, this innovative autonomous emergency braking system provides an enormous boost towards road safety.

It can precisely detect and classify moving and stationary trucks, passenger cars, motorcycles and bicycles, warning the driver of an impending collision.

If the driver does not take appropriate corrective action, OnGuardMAX autonomously initiates emergency braking from speeds of up to 80 km/h and can bring the vehicle to a complete stop to help prevent a collision.

The advanced autonomous emergency braking system also identifies pedestrians, for example, when the vehicle is driven through city centers.

OnGuardMAX is also able to stop the vehicle from speeds of 20 km/h to help prevent such collisions with pedestrians.

Additionally, OnGuardMAX offers further safety functions including LDW (Lane Departure Warning) and ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control).

Significant added value for drivers and fleet owners

ZF says the benefits of its system are manyfold. In particular, OnGuardMAX is able to enhance road safety and, consequently, can also reduce accident-related vehicle repair costs and downtime.

Rehm says: “In the commercial vehicle sector, the introduction of autonomous driving functions has particularly strong potential. Further ZF developments will also head in this direction.”

In 2018 and 2020, the Group presented concepts for maneuvering assistance that increase efficiency in closed areas and in depots to help reduce fleet operational costs.

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