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AI in the Beauty Industry: How Computer Vision Future Trends Empower the Beauty and Cosmetic Industry

The pandemic has pushed beauty brands to finally make friends with AI. The beauty industry will never be the same with the emerging computer vision future trends put to the central stage by the quarantine.

Before the pandemic broke out, whenever we needed a new lipstick for a night out, we just stopped by at the favorite store a few blocks from the office and put it on.

Now, things got a little bit more complicated. The only way you can try makeup on is to do it in the digital environment with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

A Gentle Guide to AI in the Beauty Industry

Have you ever thought, how many girls didn’t buy that lipstick because they couldn’t make up their mind about the shade?

AI has made it possible for beauty addicts to try new makeup in just a few clicks.

Want to try that new nude eyeshadow from Maybelline or red rock lipstick from MAC?

There are only a couple of steps to understand computer vision.

Switch on your front-facing camera and let AI detect your facial landmarks, or focal points (these are your eyes, nose, lips, eyebrows, etc). Then the technology gets your face scanned.

Augmented reality uses computer vision technology to add real-time visual effects to the face. This combination of steps makes a new lipstick you want to buy glide onto your lips.

AI for Beauty: Top Applications

Covid-19 made women get used to the new normal but it didn’t cancel the necessity to be and to feel like a million dollars.

With all the beauty meccas closed and shop assistants unavailable, the growing popularity of computer vision applications comes to the rescue.

Here are the top 5 computer vision future trends that are sure to save your beauty business during the pandemic and keep customers abroad even when it’s over.

Smart Skin Type Accession

When it comes to shopping for cosmetics online, it’s like going through a minefield. Without a try-on or a professional word of an assistant, the chances to get what you really want are miserable.

Especially when it comes to choosing care cosmetics or makeup foundation. Here’s when computer vision applications can help us out. The majority of big cosmetic brands have an option to upload a photo of yours and have it analyzed by AI.

As a result, a smart computer vision system will show you a brief report of your skin type and propose a range of beauty products you might be looking for.

AI-Powered Beauty Product Search

Smart beauty product search is one of the future applications of computer vision. Basically, when you enter an online beauty store, you are offered to fill in a small questionnaire about the product you wish to find and about your parameters the AI might need to give you the most suitable options.

That can be done with AI-powered visual engine. Such a way of smart targeted shopping not only saves buyers’ time but enhances their experience and increases the chances of a purchase.

Smart Mirror Option

Do you remember the magic mirror from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”? With artificial intelligence, you can already make use of such a beauty device.

As a rule, such mirrors are installed either in shops or in online stores and are applicable for a variety of products and services from trying on makeup goods to fitting haircuts, and accessories.

From the business point of view, smart mirrors can significantly reduce both the number of staff and the time spent by customers on choosing the right product.

Makeup Try-ons with AR Visual Effects

If you’re looking for a way to boost the online shopping experience, AR is the answer. Let your shopper try on those trending purple lipstick shades and choose the one that suits them or let them see how wrinkles disappear with the best anti-aging cream of 2021.

That’s not magic, that’s how AI works for beauty.

Unleashing the power of AR in online shopping, you’re helping your shoppers meet all their cosmetic needs at home.

Brands like Maybelline, MAC Cosmetics, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent have been using AI for beauty for a long time. What are you waiting for? If you have an idea of AR beautification apps, you may ask for a consultation InData Labs, an AI technology provider.

Nail Try-ons in Real Time

The nail industry is something that has been gaining momentum for a while now. Almost every modern girl and woman spend days choosing the color, print, shape, and sticker before having their nails done.

But even after hundreds of insta pictures, she can’t decide whether she’s feeling like flirty red, classy french, or sweet dusty rose.

To make your clients a bit happier, computer vision augmented reality now lets people see the final result of their manicure, which makes it easier for them to choose the design and brings their customer experience to the 9th cloud.

To Sum it All Up

Artificial intelligence and the beauty industry have been going hand in hand for quite some time. But the new reality has fostered their relationship, making AI indispensable for the beauty industry survival and development.

Computer vision future scope opens up once unthinkable opportunities for cosmetic brands to please even the pickiest online customer. Welcoming AI into your beauty business is not an option, now it’s a must, and if integrated, it will almost certainly bring your enterprise to a brand new level.

Main image credit: Estée Lauder and Perfect Corp.

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