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Nachi-Fujikoshi expands lineup of compact robot series

Nachi-Fujikoshi is expanding its lineup of compact industrial robots with the launch of the new “EC06” and the “MZ12H”. 

The Japanese robot-making giant says that the need for automation by robots is expanding in the field of manufacturing with the aim of eliminating labor shortages and improving productivity.

This need has emerged against the backdrop of the worldwide declining birthrate and aging population, the shrinking working population and soaring labor costs.

The introduction of small robots, in particular, is becoming fully fledged in the fields of electrical machinery and electronics and general industrial machinery, says Nachi.

Nachi-Fujikoshi made a full-scale entry into the compact robot market in 2013 with our world’s fastest and lightest compact robot model “MZ07”.

Since then, in addition to expanding the lineup of the “MZ Series”, “the EZ Series” wing slicer robots, we have developed the “EZ-series” and the cooperative robot “CZ10” to deepen the cultivation of the small robot market worldwide.

Targeting the fields of electric machinery, electronics, and general industrial machinery, where the need for automation is growing increasingly, we will introduce SCARA robots “EC06” and compact robots “MZ12H” to the market.

The “EC06” uses a series of control devices similar to the “MZ series” to facilitate the merger of robots and improve convenience for users.

Constructing diverse systems and applications integrating compact robots will be included in our continuous series lineup expansion with the goal to meet all customers factory automation needs.

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