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5 Marketing Technology Trends Taking Over Advertising

Technology in just about every industry is evolving at a rapid pace and that goes especially true for the marketing and advertising industry. The marketing industry alone is set to hit $389 billion in ad spend in 2021.

Below, we go over some of the major marketing tech trends that are heavily influencing the advertising industry, showing where the industry is currently and perhaps providing some insights into where the advertising industry is headed.

1. Social Media Marketing

Businesses in every vertical are recognizing and responding to the value of social media marketing. Most companies in operation generally have some sort of Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram presence, where businesses can come into direct contact with other companies, potential customers and clients, not to mention influencers.

Many businesses are utilizing automation and technology tools to better engage with consumers, improve their response rate online and company-wide, as well as gain quantifiable insights into how effective their day-to-day operations are and potentially could be.

2. Extended Reality

Extended Reality (also known simply as XR) is an all-inclusive combination of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), as well as mixed reality (MR).

Extended reality has an incredible potential to assist businesses and brands in engaging audiences, shaping customer perception (especially of products and services), as well as provide interactive, consumer-driven marketing solutions that could possibly transform marketing at large.

3. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and AI are helping marketers gain deeper insights into risk prediction, PPC campaigns, not to mention help advertisers craft well-targeted email campaigns. Chatbot-generated marketing content is another tool that is more than a trend at this point, helping businesses guide customers through sales funnels and execute effective direct response marketing.

4. Virtual Technology

The Covid-19 pandemic forced most advertisers to make drastic pivots in an operational sense. Many employers found that workers are just as effective and inspired to work at home as they are in the office.

Many marketing firms and advertising agencies are now opting for virtual meetings and conferences, which helps cut down on the overhead costs of running a business without sacrificing any necessary communication.

5. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing resources suggest that businesses can get 67% more leads by having an online presence through a simple blog. Marketing and advertising companies have been intensely focused on mastering the online advertising realm and consumer behaviours online will continue to shape and influence the advertising industry as a whole.

Building a website and having an online presence is tedious work, but there are amazing tools and technologies that will help you grow your online presence and your business simultaneously. Many services provide online visual content to help build a slick, user-friendly website, like car stock image, for instance.

Being aware of current and future marketing trends is vital for each brand to survive in today’s ever-changing world. Technology and marketing continue to go hand-in-hand now and into the future as well.

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