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IAM Robotics partners with Tompkins Robotics to develop order fulfillment solution

IAM Robotics has joined forces with Tompkins Robotics to create a new robotic application to automate the exit process of order fulfillment.

Developed by Tompkins, the new application enhances the current t-Sort system with the addition of xChange to autonomously remove completed order containers from sortation and replace them with empty order containers at one time. xChange is based on IAM Robotics’ latest robot, Atlas.

Thanks to the industry-leading features of xChange, companies are even closer to experiencing human-free automated sortation.

Standard unit sortation systems typically require human laborers to manually sort items to order containers, then drop off each at a takeaway conveyor.

In contrast, this new system uses t-Sort to sort orders directly into an order container, and xChange removes full containers and replaces it with an empty container. This completely automates the order fulfillment exit process, cutting both costs and labor requirements.

Tom Galluzzo, CEO and founder of IAM Robotics, says: “We are excited to partner with Tompkins to provide a fully-automated sortation/order fulfillment exit process.

“The collaboration between our robotic systems will be a game-changer for logistics.”

Mike Futch, CEO and president of Tompkins Robotics, says: “We are proud to unveil this breakthrough automation technology with our partner IAM Robotics. This collaboration combines the strengths of both companies to put the final puzzle piece together to maximize fulfillment automation for our industry.”

xChange is based on Atlas, an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) designed for handling and transporting materials within and between zones inside a traditional warehouse environment.

Atlas provides flexibility for various tote sizes with configurable vertical shelf positions, making it the perfect fit for the foundation of xChange.

The t-Sort system consists of autonomous mobile robots that sort a wide range of items and parcels to consolidation points, optimizing client distribution performance and capabilities.

The fast, efficient, and modular unit and parcel sortation systems can handle a wide variety of products unmatched by traditional sortation solutions.

Humans will continue to be essential to warehouse fulfillment, taking on more strategic roles. The xChange system responds to operational demands introduced by Covid-19, large-volume e-commerce sales, safety requirements, and labor shortages to boost productivity, reduce costs and match the pace of today’s fulfillment requirements.

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