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How to Avoid and Prevent Common Car Accidents

Road accidents are common and in some cases, they are unavoidable.

However, most car crashes are caused by human error which can be prevented if all drivers exercise caution on the roads.

There are different measures that you can take to avoid crashes when you are driving. Read on to learn how to avoid and prevent common car accidents.

Prevent Rear-end Collisions

Rear-end collisions are when you are either hit from behind or crash into a car in front of you.

Image by javipolinario from Pixabay

These collisions are quite common, and they are the main reason for vehicle insurance claims. Though they can be avoided with little patience.

You should not tailgate and make sure that you observe the three-second rule so that you can react quickly when you face danger.

It is critical to avoid distracted drivers who are using a phone or tuning the stereo loud while driving.

What To Do After An Accident?

When you are involved in an accident, you are eligible to get compensation from the at-fault driver.

To get the compensation you deserve, you should seek legal advice. Professional Tampa car accident lawyers have experience in dealing with similar cases.

You also increase your chances of getting fair compensation when you work with an experienced accident attorney.

Avoid Driving Under The Influence (Dui)

According to different studies, about 70 per cent of vehicle crashes are caused by people driving under the influence of alcohol.

When you are intoxicated, it is wise to keep yourself off the road completely since alcohol impairs your judgment.

Drunk drivers often fail to take safety precautions on the road, and they usually do not respect other road users.

Drinking and driving is not only a criminal offence, but it can also be fatal.

Avoid Aggressive Driving and Speeding

Aggressive driving which includes speeding, screeching the tires or abrupt slamming of brakes is a major factor that causes accidents.

The golden rule that you should always remember is to avoid driving too fast.

When you are speeding, it becomes impossible to control or stop the car when you are facing imminent danger.

Even if there is no one around you, bear in mind that speeding is dangerous.

Keep Defective Vehicles off the Road

Defective vehicles on public roads contribute to vehicle crashes in different places.

Issues such as worn-out tires, inefficient braking systems, poor lighting, and signals lead to vehicle crashes.

Chips and cracks to the car’s windscreen are also a common cause of auto accidents, but it seems that most drivers tend to ignore such damages.

Cracks on the windshield can affect your vision, especially when driving in areas with poor lighting.

Therefore, you should always ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy before you take it out on busy roads.

Safety Measures in a Breakdown

If you experience a breakdown on the road, you must immediately turn on your hazard lights to warn other motorists of impending danger.

You should turn off the engine and do not leave your car unattended. You should never attempt to fix your car on the road.

You must wait for a recovery service to tow your vehicle to a safe place instead of exposing other road users to danger.

Driving in Bad Weather

Bad weather can also lead to collisions with debris, other vehicles, or animals if visibility is poor.

Driving on a snowy, icy, or rainy day is not recommended since this can lead to preventable accidents.

It is a good idea to check the weather forecast before you move out for your trip. It is important to drive at a speed that allows you to be in full control of the car.

You also need to ensure that your automobile is fitted with appropriate winter tires when the season begins.

More importantly, you should always be alert and pay attention while driving in bad weather.


While fatigue is common amongst commercial truck drivers, it can also affect other drivers. If you are tired or not feeling well, keep off the road since you may cause an accident.

It is essential to turn on your air conditioning system when you are driving in hot weather.

When the weather is cold, you should also make sure that your heater is not overly warm since it can make you sleep on the steering.

While accidents on the road are common, the good thing is that you can avoid them in different situations.

Most crashes are caused by human error, and this makes it possible to prevent such incidents. You need to be always alert on the road and avoid elements like DUI, distracted driving, or driving in poor weather.

You also need to follow all the road rules even if there is no one around you.

Main image by Pexels from Pixabay

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