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The Best Enterprise-Level Backup Solutions

The mantra of backup, backup, and backup has been shouted from the highest tech-orientated mountains for years.

For good reason, being able to backup and protect data from any eventuality is key to any comprehensive data protection policy.

In many industries standards and laws dictate how data needs to be stored and protected in the case of a disaster making choosing the right enterprise-level backup solution even more vital.

What follows is a list of the best enterprise-level backup solutions on the market currently.

Bacula Systems

Described by the company as fast, powerful, and easy-to-use. While company descriptions such as this are tactically placed marketing material it is hard to argue with the truth of the statement.

Bacula Systems provides exactly what they say they do, as enterprise backup solutions go the product provided goes above and beyond the requirements of many enterprises.

Their enterprise edition covers Windows, Linux, and Mac-based data centres.

Today’s data protection needs have changed remarkably over the years.

This is due to the rapid adoption of new technology like cloud computing and containerization.

Bacula offers several options for backing up cloud storage and containers like Docker or Kubernetes.

This is something many legacy solutions cannot provide.


When considering the reasons you would want an enterprise-level backup solution, Acronis will tick most if not all your boxes.

Capable of backing up individual workstations to application-based servers, it will provide reports detailing all successful or failed operations.

When troubleshooting this information can be vital in correcting the problem, making sure no gaps are left in the enterprise’s backup policy.

Acronis is great for small to medium enterprises, however, for large businesses Acronis may not meet specific needs so readily.

That being said Acronis does make use of a feature set allowing for images to be sent to new hardware and combines with VMWare for a robust virtual hard disk backup solution.


Rubrik, traditionally seen as a cloud management platform, the platform has several features that make it stand above its competition.

Not only can backups and disaster restoration be completed but the software also allows for mobilizing applications, analyzing application data, ransomware recovery, and instant app delivery.

Rubrik is widely regarded as an expensive solution, however, the rich feature set can warrant the price.

Added to this Rubrik’s API boasts PowerShell and vCenter integration along with incredibly fast VM restore. This results in incredibly fast recoveries in the event of a disaster.


Over the years Veeam has developed a reputation for reliability and transparency.

This reputation has won over many admirers and as the software rarely fails those admirers become more like disciples.

The software solution can be used to backup virtual machines, physical devices, network storage devices, or cloud storage.

Veeam provides a lot of customization which for some is great but others may find it a little intimidating.

To that extent, a comprehensive setup wizard would not be unwanted.


If it is vital that Office 365 emails be backed up, then Commvault may be the right option.

Other than the ability to backup Office 365 mails, Commvault is capable of moving sites between different clouds, and point-in-time backups for SQL databases.

The solution is intended for large enterprises with already consolidated data deployments. This results in a very cost-effective solution for large enterprises.

Ultimately, the right enterprise-level backup solution will need to fit that enterprise’s specific requirements.

It is hoped that this article points to IT, teams, and administrators, in the right direction when choosing the right solution.

Main image by Shridhar Gupta on Unsplash

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