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Mecademic to launch tiny new SCARA robot

Mecademic, a maker of tiny industrial robot arms, is planning to launch a very small new SCARA robot.

The company describes the MCS500 as “with the world’s most compact SCARA robot” and says it is coming soon.

Mecademic says its new SCARA robot is designed and built using the same principles as Meca500 and is “a tiny, highly precise, and easy-to-integrate automation component”.

It says that the MCS500 is “even faster than our six-axis model, making it a great choice for maximum throughput and high-precision applications”.

Mecademic adds that, with fast cycle times at competitively large payloads, “our SCARA is ideal for a variety of applications including pick and place, assembly, lab automation, semiconductor, and more”.

With speeds up to 3,250 mm/s, the MCS500 robot is unique in that it offers “a combination of simplicity, precision, and high performance at significantly lower overall costs than competitive models”.

Other features of the MCS500 scara robot include:

  • Reach: 225 mm
  • Z stroke: 100 mm
  • Payload: 0.5 kg rated (maximum 1 kg)
  • Weight: 4.9 kg
  • Tool interface: standard, 8 mm OD
  • Mounting: Tabletop or ceiling

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