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Hanwha Aerospace earns ’Supplier Gold’ certification from Pratt & Whitney

Hanwha Aerospace has received a “Supplier Gold” certification from the one of the world’s top aircraft engine manufacturers, Pratt & Whitney (P&W).

The certification is the product of a partner evaluation program known as RTX Supplier Gold, which is run by P&W’s parent company, Raytheon Technology Corporation (RTX). It is awarded only to exceptional partners who have not missed deadlines or exhibited any quality control issues for 12 consecutive months, while exhibiting continuous improvements and satisfying customers.

Dongwan Yoo, CEO of Hanwha Aerospace USA, says: “We are pleased to see that our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has been recognized.

“The Supplier Gold certification is a testament to our position as a strategic partner of P&W, and will serve as the foundation for our business’s expansion.”

Hanwha Aerospace also recently became the first company in the world to receive Rolls-Royce’s Product Part Approval Process (PPAP) quality certification. This authorization to perform PPAP inspections is significant, as it grants Hanwha Aerospace the authority to verify the quality of newly developed aircraft engine components and approve them for mass production.

Together, Hanwha Aerospace’s PPAP and Supplier Gold certifications are viewed within the aviation industry as further evidence of the company’s world-class quality competitiveness.

In recognition of Hanwha Aerospace’s outstanding quality control capabilities, P&W recently decided to increase orders for Hanwha’s high-pressure turbine cases. The turbine cases are utilized in P&W’s state-of-the-art PW-1100G-JM GTF (geared turbo fan) aircraft engine.

A Hanwha Aerospace official emphasized the importance of P&W’s move, saying: “The aviation industry is undergoing a crisis due to several factors, including the Covid-19 pandemic. P&W’s decision to increase orders in these difficult times speaks to the confidence it has in the technological prowess and quality control capabilities that Hanwha has accumulated over the last 40 years.”

“Thanks to our elevated status as P&W’s risk and revenue sharing partner (RSP) on global aircraft engine development projects, we recently secured large orders from the world’s top three engine manufacturers,” adds the official.

“In 2019, we reached a long-term deal worth $1.7 billion with P&W to supply components for cutting-edge GTF engines, and signed agreements with Rolls-Royce and GE that were worth $1 billion and $300 million, respectively. We still have an order backlog that is worth roughly KRW 24 trillion, which means that our business has strong potential for growth.”

Building on its RSP status with P&W, along with its competitiveness in terms of both manufacturing and quality, Hanwha Aerospace plans to continue expanding its business in the aircraft engine sector by reinforcing its partnerships with the world’s three largest engine makers: GE, P&W, and Rolls-Royce.

Established in 1979 as a company that specialized in gas turbine engine depot maintenance, Hanwha Aerospace has since expanded its portfolio to include aircraft engines. As of this year, it is the only gas turbine engine manufacturer in South Korea with a cumulative production of more than 9,000 engines.

Having set its sights on strengthening its aerospace offerings at home and abroad, the company recently acquired a stake in Satrec Initiative, a South Korea-based firm that specializes in satellite business solutions.

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